Bad Driver

You Can Help To Keep Others Safe On The Road

New Look Automobile Safety Tips

Bad Driver Don’t think twice about reporting bad drivers to the police. Your intervention may prevent an accident or injury from occurring, and you can remain completely anonymous. However, there are a few practical things that you should take into account before you pick up the phone.

You will need to provide the police with enough detail in order to make it worth their while to pursue your complaint. You also want to avoid becoming a victim if you choose to get involved. You should also consider whether or not your intervention is justified as opposed to retaliating against someone who simply cut you off.

Provide Essential and Relevant Details

You want to be able to provide the dispatcher with a brief description of the situation along with information about where it is taking place. You should note the number of the license plate as well as the make, model and color of the vehicle. Provide the dispatcher with the location as well as the direction the vehicle is traveling. Try to give the police a description of the driver if possible as well.

Keep a Safe Distance

Try to keep a safe distance from the driver in question if you decide to follow the vehicle until help arrives. Only you can decide whether it is important to pursue the driver based on the situation.  Most importantly… NEVER put yourself, your passenger or others on the road in harms way. Again, you want to make sure you are not putting yourself or others at risk while trying to do what you consider to be  the right thing. Back off, keep an eye on the vehicle from a distance and don’t do anything that will escalate the situation or make things more dangerous.

Take a Video

Consider taking a video if you have a passenger riding along and you are able to do so without becoming distracted. Recording the incident can be very helpful to police if they decide to pursue an investigation. Video evidence will also be helpful to other parties if the driver in question causes an accident. Mention that someone in your vehicle has taken a video to the dispatcher when you call the police, and offer to show officers the footage.

Reporting bad driving can help to prevent an accident from occurring, but you need to avoid making the situation more dangerous. Don’t be afraid to step in and get involved with caution if you feel the circumstances warrant your intervention.

As always, our mission at New Look Collisions Centers is to keep you safe on the road. However, we do realized accidents may happen do to the unforeseen or simply caused because of a bad driver. In the event that this happens we are here to assist you through of every step, to include  working with your insurance company to get your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible.