Why get your car painted at New Look Collision Center

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auto body paintCars, trucks, minivans and SUVs are more than just transportation. They are a personal investment. Often times, they end up being our little home-away-from-home at least that’s what it tend to feel like with the amount of time we spend in and out of them.

When your car’s color has been ruined due to an accident, vandalism or age, your car’s value becomes questionable , not to mention the extreme eye sore it becomes. A good auto body paint job can restore your vehicle back to it’s original beauty. To many an attractive car may also be essential to one’s reputation, especially in glitzy Las Vegas.

Expert Paint Jobs…

Many car owners wonder: “How is a discount job different from an expert job?” Discount places just cover the windows and spray paint the car. On the other hand, our qualified technicians go through several steps to paint the car in an expert manner. New Look technicians take out the glass, remove the bumpers, molding, handles and more. When we’re finished painting, we put everything back together, and our expert detailers add a finishing touch and shine up the chrome to enhance your new paint job.

Color Matches…

Many car owners worry: “What’s the point of repainting if you end up with different shades on the same car?!” This is something that happens a lot more often with discount auto paint shops . Why? Well, discount places don’t worry so much about a true color match… They go for a general match! That isn’t good enough for New Look Collision Centers of Las Vegas and Henderson. New Look technicians utilize a specialized system that captures the car’s exact paint code. The DuPont Automotive System offers a complete palette of car colors in both types of basecoats: waterborne or solventborne. With this high-technological way of matching the colors, the results are consistently accurate. It’s amazing what paint in the right hands can do for your paint-damaged vehicle.

Long-Term Satisfaction…

Many car owners wonder: “Will it last?” New Look technicians make sure it will last. We start with expert sanding and priming. We then expertly handle the different types of painting including specialized tricoats, clearcoats, metallic coats, and pearl effects. Each coat is carefully applied for a lasting, uniform appearance. These expert paint jobs will withstand the blistering sun, dust, rain and other environmental factors. They are done to factory specifications, yet still done by hand, with long-lasting results. This long-term satisfaction is why our customers often ask us to paint their older models, high end and special vintage cars.

Give your car a new lease on a long life. A paint job at New Look Collision Center will bring you long-term satisfaction!