image of a medium-sized car dent in a sedan

Where Do Mystery Car Dents Come From?

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image of a medium-sized car dent in a sedan

Have you ever walked outside to notice a superficial scratch or significant dent to your vehicle? You’re the only one who drives it, yet you haven’t backed into a pole or gotten rear-ended recently. You just really can’t fathom what would’ve caused the body damage.

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Where Do These Car Dents Come From?

Car dents can occur in a variety of scenarios, but only some happen in accidents where the driver is fully aware of how the damage occurred. Understanding the most common causes of dents and a few simple ways to repair them can help you return your car to good condition.

1. Animal Damage

If you live in a rural area, animals may pose just as much of a threat to your car as other drivers. Deer, moose and other large wildlife often travel through rural or residential areas in the early hours of the morning and at night. When startled and attempting to escape a neighborhood, animals can collide with vehicles, leaving major damage behind.

2. Parking Lot Accidents

Parking lots are one of the most common locations for an accident, and it is not uncommon to make a quick trip into the grocery store only to discover a large dent in the side or back of your vehicle. An errant shopping cart could be the culprit for that dent in your car’s bumper or a hit-and-run accident. While it is required by law to leave a note with your insurance and contact information in the event that another driver swipes your car, many people flee the scene. Opening a door too quickly in a crowded space and backing into a parked car are the most common types of parking lot accidents.

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3. Fallen Trees

If your car is left outside at night, it is possible for fallen trees, branches and other debris to cause dents. Lightning strikes can sever large pieces off of trees, and older trees are especially prone to falling branches that cause accidents. Most weather-related damage results in only a few minor scratches, but larger objects that fall on your car can leave significant dents.

DIY Removal for Car Dents

Some large car dents can be repaired on your own. The easiest way is to purchase an industrial suction cup, which can be placed on the dented part of the vehicle. The suction provides enough force to pop the dented part of the car frame back into place, but it may require more effort to make the surface smooth. Once the dent has been replaced, a layer of paint that matches your car’s exterior can be used to conceal the dent. Some manufacturers sell small paint pens that match the most popular car paint colors and make it easy to complete a DIY paint job in a relatively small amount of time. There are also tools you can buy online for paintless dent repair, which allows you to push out the dented areas from inside the car without scratching the surface.

In some cases, the damage to your vehicle is just too severe to repair on your own. For dents that cover multiple parts of the car or those that still can’t be smoothed out with a suction cup, it is time to call in the professionals. New Look Collision offers repair services for large dents, including those that cause structural damage to the vehicle. Call New Look today at (480)-939-2489 for your consultation. You can also use the free online estimator to get a free estimate within three hours.