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Where Can I Get My Car Fixed in Scottsdale After an Auto Collision?

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Where can I get my car fixed in Scottsdale after an auto collision?

After an auto collision you probably notice some significant damage and  have questions concerning your vehicle’s fate. Some of your first thoughts may be to have your car immediately towed to a junkyard. You could even wonder if the damage can be repaired or even, “Where can I get my car fixed?” Despite the damages, your car may be repairable. This is easy to assess with the expertise of a Scottsdale collision repair shop.

How a Collision Repair Shop Can Save Your Car

Damage after a substantial collision often appears worse than it is. For example, newer car models may seem to “crumble” after an accident, due to them being designed to absorb more of the kinetic energy from the impact to reduce the risk of serious injury to the passengers.

After your car has acted as the buffer, it may look like an accordion. However, the internal components of the vehicle could be perfectly fine. You cannot know the extent of the damage just by appearance alone.

If your car is still in one piece, the best decision is to have it towed to a Scottsdale collision repair shop for an accurate damage diagnosis. Your insurance company may recommend a specific shop, but you can use any shop you would like — it’s your choice. Quality auto body repair companies will work with your insurance company, helping you to file the right claims and get the compensation you need for restoring your car like new.

Is Auto Body Repair Really Worth It?

You are probably worrying that your car isn’t worth saving after the accident. Even if you do decide to get it repaired, you may be thinking that the vehicle will be less reliable after it’s been through trauma. And if you’re like most people, you mistakenly believe that your car will never look as good or ride as well once repaired. However, experienced collision repair professionals can restore cars so that they look and feel like new.

You should also base your decision to fix you car on its value, mileage and year. If your car is nearly paid off, or if you own it outright, fixing it is almost always the better option. Your insurance may pay you a sum of the value of the vehicle, thus getting a replacement vehicle is not always the best choice with only the money from an insurance settlement.

Therefore, waiting for repairs, especially for cosmetic damage, is often worth it to avoid the debt of getting in a replacement. If the crashed car has low miles, little engine damage, and a newer year, it will likely run well and for several years after a thorough restoration at a collision repair center.

Repair Your Car with New Look Collision

As the experts in auto body repair for several makes and models, we will ensure that you drive away with a car that looks and performs like new. From collision repair to bumper repair to dental removal, we’ve got you covered at New Look Collision. If you would like more information how you can get your car fixed, give us a call at (480)-939-2489. You can also get a free quote before bringing your vehicle in with our auto body repair estimator.