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What You Should look For When Getting An Auto Body Repair Estimate?

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Car Repair PricesSooner or later, you may unfortunately find yourself in need of some type of  auto body work  and repair. Maybe you’ve been in an accident, maybe the forces of nature have worked against you, or maybe a stray shopping cart has found its way to your passenger side door. Whatever the reason, it is important to know what to do when looking for an auto body repair estimate.

Talk to Your Insurance Company First

Before you step foot in the repair shop, it is important to know what, if any, requirements or restrictions your insurance company may have. In some situations, an insurance company may limit you to certain shops for the repairs; though many states have laws in place specifically to prevent insurance companies for placing limitations on where service can be done.

Know Your Options

You can shop around for a local auto body repair shop just like you can shop around for anything else you’re thinking about purchasing! Get estimates from several shops (and it doesn’t hurt to get a list of the specific repairs that they think will need to be done). Make sure you ask if there are any additional costs other than actual repair costs. Be sure to make sure the will work directly with you insurance company. Compare what you get with a quick internet search to ensure you’re getting everything you need and deserve!

Find Out How The Auto Body Can Sweeten The Deal

A good auto body repair shop will want to retain you as a customer and offer the best service possible. With this in mind, lots of goodies can be included with the impending fix-up. Does the auto body offer interior/exterior detailing upon finishing the job? Will the auto body come to you to make the estimate? Does the auto body offer free towing? These are questions you should ask!

Know Exactly The Type of Business You Are Working With

Ask questions when you’re at the shop! Are the service people knowledgeable and friendly? Do they have a history of doing good work? Conduct a quick online search of a local business rating website, or a call to the Better Business Bureau, should be able to offer a bit of insight into the type of business you are planning on patronizing.

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