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What To Do After I’ve Had An Auto Accident

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car crash Car accidents are a scary thing to experience.   At best, you will feel embarrassed and ashamed that you collided with another car even if it wasn’t your fault.   At worst, you could be dealing with serious injuries and a possible lawsuit.   Here are some important steps you should take following an automobile accident?

1) Call The Police

The first step is to call the police immediately.  This should be done whether you have been in a major or a minor crash. The police will take statements, issue a police report and help determine who was at fault for the accident. This information should kept as you will need it when you file a claim with your insurance company.

2) Collect Evidence

Take photos of the scene, exchange contact information with the other driver and get statements from anyone who witnessed the crash.   All of this information will serve as valuable evidence if you have to go to court.

3) See A Doctor Or Go To The ER

If you are hurt, see a doctor immediately!   Even if you don’t think that you are hurt, see a doctor anyway because injuries can take time to manifest themselves.  Getting medical attention can bolster any personal injury case that you may bring against the other driver in the future.  Of course this is only to be used if you are actually injured.

4) Get To A Body Shop To Have Damage accessed & Repaired

You have the right to have your car repaired at the body shop of your choosing.  Once your car has arrived at the shop, a claims adjuster may want to look at your car to observe the damage.  Afterwards, you can have the car repaired or written off as a total loss if the amount of the damage is worth more than your vehicle.

A car accident is not something that you ever want to experience.  However, it is critical to know what to do if you are ever involved in one. Call the police, collect evidence and seek medical care as soon as possible. Once you have done that, get your car to an honest, competent body repair shop, like the folks at New Look Collision Centers to get your car back on the road as soon as possible.