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What Is The Difference Between OEM, Aftermarket, and Recycled Parts

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vehicle repairWhat are OEM, Aftermarket, and Recycled auto body Parts?

If you’ve been in a collision you will be looking for car parts, and you’ll want to pay the lowest price and get the best quality possible. This is not always easy as it is hard to find new parts that are inexpensive. Fortunately, you as the consumer have options as you can choose to purchase OEM, aftermarket or recycled parts. Here is a brief description of these three options.

OEM: Now, this stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. When buying an OEM part, you can enjoy the best and most reliable piece of equipment for your vehicle. In most cases, because these parts are made by the original manufacturer, you should not have any problems and will end up with a better end result. On the other hand, you are going to spend more money and should realize this is a costly proposition. However, if reliability is what you seek, go for OEM. This is certainly true if you drive a newer vehicle that you plan on keeping for a long time.

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Aftermarket: In trying to save cash, you can opt to buy aftermarket auto body parts. These are made by third-party companies that specialize in creating parts for automobiles. While these parts are less expensive, there is one major downside. With aftermarket parts, you will not get the part made by the original manufacturer. Instead, another company will make the part according to the specifications. Of course, aftermarket products could be a huge benefit to you as a buyer and you will ultimately pay less money. However, if you’re at all skeptical, you will always have that uncertain question lurking in your mind.

Recycled: When you want to buy the original vehicle part without breaking the bank, you should look into a recycled piece of equipment. With this, you can enjoy a quality part that has been recycled and will fit the vehicle well and safely. This is a great option if you drive an older car and simply cannot justify spending a lot of cash on a brand new part. Not only that, with a recycled part, you will help protect the environment.

Without a doubt, when you buy a car part, you should do your research. Luckily, whether you buy an OEM, aftermarket or recycled auto body part, you can get the best look for your vehicle by heading to New Look Collision of Las Vegas, Henderson, and Scottsdale. Remember, when looking to put money back into your automobile, you should weigh your options and choose the best one meeting your unique needs.