two cars in collision with possible frame damage

What Does Frame Damage Mean For Your Car?

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two cars in collision with possible frame damage

The frame of a vehicle is one of the most important safety features that it has. The frame of an automobile is designed to be the skeleton of the car, giving it its shape as well as protecting the occupants from all sorts of dangers. Ideally, frames are built to interact with other safety features in order to provide a seamless safety system that ensures that drivers and the passengers of the vehicles are well taken care of. When vehicles are tested for collisions, it’s these safety features that are inspected. If a small flaw exists within the frame of the vehicle it could mean disaster in the event of a crash. Frame damage could compromise the safety of the entire vehicle.

3 Common Car Frame Damage Questions

Does Damaging the Frame Mean the Car is Totaled?

This is a very important question, since many people believe that frame damage only counts if the car is not driveable. The fact remains that frame damage can be difficult to spot. Some used cars are sold with frame damage, but the new owners have no idea that the frame has been thrown out of its original configuration. This can be dangerous, especially if the owner is someone who puts their lives in the hands of the safety system of his or her vehicle. Frame damage counts as structural damage and needs to be repaired before the vehicle can be considered sound once again to drive.

DIY Frame Repairs Won’t Work for This Problem

One of the things that car manufacturers fail to inform their users is that in the event of frame damage, the frame needs to be professionally repaired. In a lot of cases, owners think that taking it to a straightener can easily turn the damage back. Alternatively (and much worse) they try to fix the damage themselves. The frame of a car is engineered in such a way to ensure the continued survival of the occupants. By trying to adjust the frame back to its original configuration yourself, you risk compromising the safety features of the vehicle in an irreparable way.

Frame Damage and Safety Issues

A vast number of minor frame damage situations can be expensive to repair in a few cases. Low-speed crashes tend to be the worst to deal with from an owner’s perspective because it causes damage to the frame of the vehicle that may render the entire vehicle unsafe. Safety technology has managed to reduce the amount of fatalities from road accidents considerably in the last ten years, dropping the figure for fatalities by up to 36%. This is only a consideration if the frame of the vehicle is sound. If any damage has been done to the vehicle frame it needs to be repaired professionally to ensure that it crumples the way it was designed to in the case of an accident.

Bringing your Car Back

Driving a damaged vehicle is asking for trouble. Professional repair shops aren’t difficult to find, and when it comes to your personal safety, the quicker you find a professional auto body repair service, the better off you are. New Look Collision has been dealing with cases of frame damage for years and are well versed in getting a car back to running safely. Check us today for a quote or come in to experience an auto body shop in Scottsdale, AZ and that puts the customer first.

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