Auto Body Repair

Were Your Repairs Done Right?

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Auto Body RepairLet’s say you’ve been in a collision and your car needs repair.  You primary goal may be to get your vehicle repaired quickly.

Many car owners pick up their car without  thoroughly inspecting the work that was done.  However, you may want to spend a few minutes inspecting your car to ensure that the work has been completed right.

Why Cleanliness Matters

When you pick up your vehicle from a repair shop, you may be so relieved to have your car back that you pull away before you realize the interior of your car is dusty and dirty.  Most reputable auto body shops will clean your vehicle inside and out before bringing it to you to take home. You will not be able to see nicks, scratches or if the new coat of paint is clear if the car is dirty. Therefore, insist that your vehicle be cleaned before you pay for the work.

Inspect the Vehicle Closely

You rely on your car, and you need it to be in great shape. More than that, you or your insurance company have paid to have the vehicle repaired, so you need to evaluate the repair work to your satisfaction. Inspect the paint job, and look for even gaps between the panels. Open and close the doors and trunk several times to ensure that they are properly aligned. Check the spacing between all of the tires and fenders to ensure the space is even on all wheels. Turn the steering wheel, lift up the hood and turn the lights on. Ask the technicians questions about the workmanship before you drive away.

When Your Vehicle Is Not Repaired Right

If you discover issues, do not be afraid to state your concerns. Be clear about what your issues are, and retain all paperwork and documentation of the repairs with you.

One of the best steps that you can take to ensure that your vehicle is repaired right is to take it to a reputable repair shop. If your vehicle has been damaged recently, visit New Look Collision Center of Scottsdale for a free, online estimate or call (480)-939-2489 to schedule a consultation.