Wear Your Seat Belt… Your Safety Depends Upon It!

New Look Automobile Safety Tips

At New Look Collision Center, we see vehicles every day that have sustained tremendous damage in accidents. Your vehicle can be repaired or replaced, but the people who are in your car can not.

You cannot control everything that happens on the road, but there are plenty of things that you can do to increase your chances of arriving at your destination safely. One of the most important precautions is wearing your seat belt every time you get behind the wheel.

Benefits of Seat Belt Use

There are many different benefits that come with consistent seat belt use. First, seat belts keep you and your passengers inside the car in the event of an accident. Studies have shown that passengers who are thrown out of the car are four times more likely to die in an automobile accident.

Seat belts help you avoid serious injury in a collision because they spread out the force of the impact. Lap and shoulder belts are designed not only to keep you restrained, but to spread the force of the impact throughout your whole body instead of just one area. The restraints come into contact with the strongest parts of your body. Seat belts are also designed to protect your brain and spinal cord.Many injuries during crashes are the result of a quick change in speed. When you are wearing your seat belt, it takes your body longer to slow down after a collision. This reduces your risk of serious injury.

Keeping Young Passengers Safe
In addition to wearing your seat belt when you are driving, it is also your responsibility to make sure that all of the passengers in your car are safely restrained, as well. Seat belt use is vitally important for both adults and children. However, restraints are used in a different manner to keep young ones safe.

Children need a higher level of protection because their bodies are designed in a different manner, and not fully developed. In order to keep young passengers safe, you need to be familiar with the safety guidelines from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Small children should be properly restrained in a rear-facing car seat until age 2, and then they can move on to forward-facing car seats then booster seats. It is best to keep kids out of the front seat until they are over the age of 12.

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