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volvo collision repair

Has Your Volvo Vehicle Experienced Auto Body Damage? In Need of Excellent Collision Repair in Scottsdale?

Bring Your Car or SUV to New Look Collision Centers. Our highly trained vehicle experts will investigate and detect any body damage to repair on your Volvo automobile.

auto body repair estimateAll About Volvo

The Volvo Car Corporation was born in Sweden in 1927, but since its inception, the company has been owned by a few companies based in different countries. Although the company was Swedish-owned until 1999, when Ford Motor Company purchased the company, after which it was bought by Geely Holding Group, based out of China.

There are a few thousand Volvo dealers around the world offering a standard selection of SUVs, sedans, and station wagons with the majority of sales occurring in the United States, Sweden, and China. Recent sales activity for the company nationally and in Scottsdale has been positive, which is encouraging given the financial instability plaguing many countries around the world.

Volvos have long been associated with safety, and this focus has been a part of the company for its entire existence. With a name that means, “I Roll” in Latin, Volvo was first seen in 1915 as a trademarked name, but the automobiles didn’t come along until the 1920s. The earliest vehicles from the companies featured a variety of sedans that were manufactured with the aim of surviving the harsh Swedish weather. They seem to survive the harsh Scottsdale summers as well based on the number of Volvo’s commuting daily on the valley roadways today. Our Scottsdale collision repair center has provided auto body repair work on our fair share of Volvos. If you have been in an accident let us bring your car back to the exacting specifications Volvos are know for.

Although Volvo was not always the first carmaker to include certain safety features on new vehicles, the company has always held fast to its belief that a vehicle could be made smarter and safer on the road. In the 1940s, Volvo introduced the safety cage into its vehicles, and in the 1950s the company started installing seatbelts. By the time the 1960s rolled around, the company was using advanced safety belts and separate crumple zones to protect occupants during a crash. 

For the next several decades, Volvo introduced so many safety features onto its cars that it cultivated a reputation for having the safest cars on the road. An impeccable history of dedication to safety and driving has allowed the carmaker to offer vehicles that are extremely attractive to families with children. Some of the future developments expected of the company include an electric car of which a concept vehicle was shown at the 2010 Paris Motor Show.

Telling Volvos apart these days by their name is fairly simple. For vehicle names that feature an “S” and a number, such as the S60, this means the car is a sedan. For vehicles with a “C” in the title, those cars are a coupe or convertible. When there’s a “V” or “XC” in the name, that vehicle is going to be a compact SUV or a standard SUV. For Volvo, the “V” in a vehicle name doesn’t actually stand for “Volvo.” It stands for “Versatile.” Regardless of your model our Scottsdale Collision Repair can get you back on the road quickly.

Wagons and compact SUVs are incredibly popular within the current lineup of Volvo cars. Some of the incredibly safe Volvos on the road today that are best sellers for the company include the Volvo V70, which is a station wagon that has a nice amount of room inside that fits a large family and a solid amount of luggage for a vacation. Another larger vehicle from the company is the Volvo V60, which is a sportier station wagon that’s popular for families with kids and pets.

One of the smaller popular Volvos is the Volvo S60, which is a highly efficient sedan that offers extremely low levels of pollution output. For drivers looking for a compact SUV there’s the Volvo XC60, and for families seeking a sport wagon there’s the Volvo V50. Volvos offer incredible handling and safety features, but even the best-made vehicles do require some maintenance occasionally.

For assistance with Volvo collision repair consider the assistance of New Look Collision Center. Our vehicle ASE Certified experts can assist with any vehicle needs you may have, especially your Volvo.

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