Dings and paint scratches

The Causes of Car Paint Peeling

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Dings and paint scratches

Whether you own a racy sports car or a rugged pickup truck, a beautiful paint job can cause stares of admiration. On the other hand, a deteriorating paint job can cause the overall value of your vehicle to suddenly plummet. One of the most prevalent problems that plague the exterior finish is paint peeling. Although paint peeling may not be very noticeable at first, it will gradually begin to ruin the curb appeal of your vehicle. Here are some of the common causes of car paint peeling.

Improper Preparation…
I’m sure you’ve noticed that certain car models tend to experience paint peeling more than other vehicle models. The primary cause of the defective paint job is improper preparation during the painting process. Before the painting process is performed, the metal surface must be prepped with a primer. The purpose of the primer is to provide a base layer for the paint. If the primer is not applied correctly, the complete paint job will be compromised. While the paint finish may initially appear flawless, the paint will likely begin to peel in a few years or less. The only solution is to strip off the old paint and repaint the entire exterior again.

A Chip or Scratch…
In the blink of an eye, a rock or any other flying piece of debris could hit your vehicle. If the scratch or chip is not repaired in a timely manner, the paint will start to prematurely deteriorate. During the painting process, a clear coat of protection is added to the paint finish. While the additional barrier of protection is very durable, a sharp projectile can break the seal. This means that dirt and moisture may start to build up underneath the paint finish. The end result is a paint job that will gradually begin to peel more and more over time. In severe cases, you may begin to see the formation of surface rust on the body of their vehicle.

Although some automakers, “as well as paint and body shops” offer to repaint their faulty paint jobs, not every motorist is so fortunate. If you are experiencing paint peeling or any other paint-related problem, contact New Look Collision Center of Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada, and Scottsdale, Arizona. Do not allow a defective paint job to ruin the appearance of your beloved vehicle.