Teen Driver with Parent

Guiding Teens Beind The Wheel; Keeping Us All Safe.

New Look Automobile Safety Tips

Teen Driver with ParentA teenager, behind the wheel of a car, is at an increased risk of causing a serious car accident. While true, if you properly prepare your child for the road, you can avoid problems and enjoy peace of mind. Otherwise, if you do not take a proactive approach to the situation, you may find yourself receiving that dreaded call saying they’ve been in an accident. However, it’s not enough to preach to them; you must prepare them for the road by instilling a few valuable tips in them.

Night driving:
While driving at night, one can easily crash. Not only are there plenty of tired and drivers in altered states on the road, but there is also the normal issue of people struggle to see at night. To teach your kids to drive safely at night, first and foremost, make sure that they can see well. Furthermore, while they have their driving permit, take them out at night frequently. This way, your teenager will be prepared and know what to do and expect when driving at night.

Focus on the road:
Unfortunately, plenty of people don’t focus on the road while they are behind the wheel. Not only does a teenager often focus on their passengers, but they’re frequently distracted with the radio, texting or calls while behind the wheel. You must impress upon the importance of them not driving while distracted. A great start is by you setting a good example while driving, don’t let distractions take over. Instead, drive safely and lead by example. When doing so, your teenager will not allow distractions to take over his or her time behind the wheel.

Young drivers love to push the limits and drive fast. This is especially true for boys as they often love to treat the highway like a raceway. Since speed is a major factor in accidents, it’s important to stay on your teenager driver to follow the speed limits. If your kid receives a ticket for driving over the speed limit, you must take severe action and revoke their driving privileges for an appropriate period of time. Remember, a teenager doesn’t know how to drive as well as an adult, therefore it’s pertinent to enforce upon him or her to drive within the speed limits.

While driving, a teenager can be a bit shaky and uncertain, thus causing problems on the road. If an unfortunate incident should happen, New Look Collision Center is here for you.