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A Few Safety Tips When Driving With Children and Pets

New Look Automobile Safety Tips

When you are driving precious cargo, such as children and for many a pets, it is important to exercise precaution to avoid damage from auto accidents. Many parents and pet owners are not aware of all the special laws and regulations that are in place specifically to keep children and animals safe while traveling in vehicles. Here are some basic tips that you …

What Can New Look Collision Do For Your Automobile

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If you are in a collision, you may see your vehicle sustain serious damage. This is especially true for newer cars as they are not built to sustain major accidents as some older models. While true, if you take your car to New Look Collision Center’s of Las Vegas or Henderson, you can drive away with an excellent looking vehicle …

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Don’t Drink and Drive! Understanding BAC

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The I Car Platinum Individuals and ASE Certified Technicians at New Look Collision Centers have seen their share of vehicles that have been in accidents caused by intoxicated drivers.  New Look Collision Centers have been in business since 2004 and are factory certified by 7 auto makers, and are one of the top rated collision centers in Las Vegas.  They …

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Is distracted driving really a problem?

New Look Automobile Safety Tips

To most of us, driving is as normal and mundane as walking up a flight of stairs or brushing our teeth. However, it is one of the most hazardous activities that people typically engage in. Motor vehicle accidents are responsible for a huge number of unnecessary deaths every year, and most of them are the result of distracted driving. When …