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A Few Safety Tips When Driving With Children and Pets

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When you are driving precious cargo, such as children and for many a pets, it is important to exercise precaution to avoid damage from auto accidents. Many parents and pet owners are not aware of all the special laws and regulations that are in place specifically to keep children and animals safe while traveling in vehicles. Here are some basic tips that you …

Download Our Auto Repair Estimate App

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Are you worried about how much it will cost to have the body damage on your car repaired after an accident? Our auto repair estimate app can provide you an idea of how much you will need to get your car back to its original shape. You can get accurate costs for auto body repairs. Download Our Free Auto Body …

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Don’t Drink and Drive! Understanding BAC

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The I Car Platinum Individuals and ASE Certified Technicians at New Look Collision Centers have seen their share of vehicles that have been in accidents caused by intoxicated drivers.  New Look Collision Centers have been in business since 2004 and are factory certified by 7 auto makers, and are one of the top rated collision centers in Las Vegas.  They …

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Why Bring Your Vehicle to New Look Collision Center for Repairs?

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There are may different things that can go wrong with a vehicle including accidents and collisions. At New Look Collision Center we will be able to help you with all of your auto body repair needs from a simple dent removal, auto body painting, bumper repair or general collision repair. We are a fully certified collision repair shop with trained, …


Items To Include In Your Car’s Emergency Kit

New Look Automobile Safety Tips

Today’s sophisticated automobile is the most reliable that was ever built. Sometimes these vehicles can completely shutdown and leave motorists stranded. You can also never know when you might be in a car accident. For these reasons why every car owner needs to keep emergency equipment in their vehicle at all times. What Should Be Included? Cell phone chargers. Nearly …

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7 Extremely Important Steps You Need To Take After Being In A Car Accident!

New Look Automobile Safety Tips

A car accident is the last thing anyone ever wants to go through. Fortunately, serious incidents that result in injuries are rare. However, fender benders are no picnic either. If you are ever involved in a minor car accident, the following tips can help you to make life easier. 1. Stay calm. This is the hardest step to follow. You …

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Don’t Drive Drowsy!

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Unlike with alcohol, there is no method of determining whether a traffic accident is the direct result of drowsiness or driver fatigue. All states, with the exception of Missouri and Wisconsin, have some method of allowing responding police officers to identify driver fatigue or drowsiness on standard accident report forms. However, most police officers are given little or no training …

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Is distracted driving really a problem?

New Look Automobile Safety Tips

To most of us, driving is as normal and mundane as walking up a flight of stairs or brushing our teeth. However, it is one of the most hazardous activities that people typically engage in. Motor vehicle accidents are responsible for a huge number of unnecessary deaths every year, and most of them are the result of distracted driving. When …