Save money at the pump

New Look Collision’s Tips To Spend Less On Your Monthly Fuel Bill

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Save money at the pump

Owning a vehicle means, you will spend a lot of money on fuel going places. While this is true, with a smart and simple method, you can save some cash on gas. With this in mind, here are four ways to spend less at the pump

1) Drive intelligently: When on the road, you will often see people gun it from stoplight to stoplight. Likewise, when many drivers are getting on the freeway, they will use, or should we say abuse,  their car in a crazy manner. To save fuel, avoid accidents and excess wear-and-tear, you need to accelerate responsibly. This way you will not hurt your engine’s performance. At the same time, you will save plenty of fuel.

2) Avoid idling: All-too-often, people in hot or cold climates will let their vehicles idle for long periods of time. Unless you are only going to stop for a minute or two, you should cut down on idling. Instead, find a comfortable place to park and shut off the engine while you wait.

3) Tires pressure: Without a doubt, when driving around town, many have under or over-inflated tires. When doing this, you will waste a lot of fuel and put yourself at a higher risk for a collision. Instead, you should have a proactive approach and measure the PSI of your tires. When low, you need to head directly to a service station to fill up the tires.

4) Excess weight: Over time, we all leave too much stuff in the back seats and trunk of our vehicles. This is wasteful and can cause you to burn more fuel than necessary. For this reason, if you want to save gas, you should take all your heavy and unnecessary items out of your car.

With these four tips, you can cut your fuel bill drastically. For more helpful tips from New Look Collision Center of Las Vegas and Henderson follow us on Facebook.