Car Accidents Happen Alot

Should I Drive My Car After An Accident?

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Car Accidents Happen Alot

Getting in a car accident is a terrible thing, unfortunately, with automobile collisions being as common as they are, it’s likely that you will end up in an accident at some point in your life. One of the main concerns many people have after an accident is if it’s okay to drive their cars afterwards. The answer is a bit complicated, only because it depends on the extent of the damage.

Assessing the Damage
If your car won’t even start, don’t keep trying to force it, this is the first indication you need to call a towing service. But if you were in a simple fender bender and the damage was purely cosmetic, you should be okay to drive to a mechanic it at the very least. If the accident happened at night and you suffered headlight’s damage, you’re a danger not only to yourself, but others as well if you continue driving. On the other hand, if your bumper falls off, you’re fine… unless it’s hanging, then it’s at risk of falling off while you drive and can easily cause another accident. If any parts are scraping against the ground or your tires, you’ll absolutely need a tow truck.

If your car is leaking any fluids, it would be safer to get a tow, your gas tank could be punctured, or you may be leaking oil, which will do nothing but cause further damage to your vehicle. If anything just doesn’t feel “quite right” about your car; it’s safer just to get a tow.

Making the Decision to Drive
If you do decide to drive your car after an accident, make sure that you are operating your vehicle with extreme caution. Your car isn’t running at 100%, and there may be problems that you can’t see that are posing a threat to your safety. If anything sputters or doesn’t sound normal, it’s best to just pull over and call for a tow. Being able to drive away from an accident isn’t worth it if you’re risking further damage to you, your vehicle, or other motorists.

Take Advantage of Free Towing
The good news about towing is that it doesn’t have to cost you any money. When it comes to New Look Collision Center, for instance, you can get your towing for free if you get your repairs done with us. Since New Look is one of the leading experts on collision damage repair in the Scottsdale (Arizona) area, you may as well take advantage of our extensive knowledge base and varied services.