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How do you deal with repairs on a car that sell in small numbers and is customized before it leaves the showroom? Take it to New Look Collision Center. Our staff has the experience and certifications to ensure a quality collision repair, and they use factory parts to ensure the original look is maintained no matter how the vehicle was originally equipped. Check our auto body repair discounts and save money off your deductible.

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Scion differentiated itself from other makes by having their performance and styling parts available from dealerships. This allows buyers to customize their car with dealer-installed parts that maintain the warranty and can be rolled into their vehicle loan.

Coupled with a self-imposed limit of 150,000 vehicle sales annually, this gave everyday buyers access to the same customization and exclusivity that before, had only been available on high-end luxury cars.

If your Scion has been in an accident and you desire to get it back to original factory specifications, look no further than New Look Collision Center. Our state of the art Las Vegas Auto Body Shops have experts that restore Scions back to showroom new.

The Scion Story

At the end of the 20th century, Toyota realized they had a problem: While posting record sales in America thanks to their vehicles’ renowned reliability and widespread appeal, the brand was in danger of being so middle-of-the-road to the point of being dubbed, ‘boring.’ To add some excitement to the brand, they looked to “WiLL,” a marketing experiment that gathered a range of manufacturers from Toyota to Pocky manufacturer Glico under a single name, providing a range of products aimed at Japan’s youth market. Apparently, it worked in Las Vegas too, as evident by the sheer volume of Scions traveling on the Las Vegas roadways.

At first, Toyota tried to copy WiLL with “Project Genesis,” separating the marketing of the Celica, MR2 Spyder, and Echo from the rest of Toyota and aiming them at young consumers. However, the products weren’t a good fit for the market, and the campaign wasn’t enough to differentiate these cars from the rest of the brand.

The company decided to try again, more closely mimicking the WiLL project by creating a completely separate brand that sold truly unique vehicles. This brand was named Scion.

Boxy vehicles have been a favorite in Japan for a long time, but the style didn’t reach America until the brand debuted with the xB. The shape allowed for a surprising amount of space in the small vehicle, and, more importantly, gave it styling totally unlike anything on the market. Its massive success may have overshadowed its launch partner, the xA hatchback, but both vehicles did brisk sales cementing the brand’s place in Toyota’s lineup.

The success of Scion gave the designers more leeway in influencing worldwide models, providing them with cars that were a better fit for the U.S. market. The next xB increased in size, while the xA was replaced by the taller xD. A spiritual successor to the Celica called the tC was added, giving buyers an affordable sport coupe. The brand also brought over the iQ, a city car that uses clever packaging to deliver seating for three while being less than ten feet long.

Their most famous model came to be thanks to a comic. While the “AE86” Trueno has long been a favorite of drift racers in Japan, it’s U.S. counterpart, the Corolla GT-S, didn’t get much attention here until the manga “Initial D” was translated into English. Fans followed tofu deliveryman Tak as he comes to realize his racing talent behind the wheel of a modified Trueno, and soon they were restoring and modifying their own Corollas.

Seeing the renewed demand for their classic lightweight sports car, Toyota worked out an agreement with Subaru to develop a successor, the Scion FR-S. By placing Subaru’s boxer engine in a rear wheel drive chassis, the engineers were able to create a lightweight sports car with an extremely low center of gravity. Lauded by automotive critics for its back-to-basics design, it eschews high horsepower and technology to focus on driver enjoyment.

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