Tips to Save Your Wallet by Being Gas Efficient!

New Look Fuel Efficiency

One substance your car needs to get from point “A” to point “B” is fuel. Gas. Petrol. This is the automotive equivalent of coffee for humans to kick start their motors.

Any way to stretch out your cruise down the Strip? Why, yes! There are ways!

Now one wouldn’t necessarily see the connection between a gas tank and the following suggestions to keep that tank as full as possible – that’s the kind of thinking outside the box New Look Collision Centers does for their customers.

One tip most drivers don’t know is when to keep your windows open and when to use the air conditioning, because these have an effect on your mileage! In stop and go traffic you’re burning more fuel with the air conditioning on and it’s recommended to keep your windows open. True, this is Las Vegas, and sitting in a hot car is not ideal. However, if you can, turn off the air conditioning.

You can actually reduce the air drag on your car going down the highway if the windows are closed at highway speeds. (Besides, it’s a lot quieter.) A lot of auto makers pride themselves on the aerodynamic flows of their vehicles. That beautiful aerodynamic look a lot of vehicles have these days also has function and not just beauty. However, a vehicle with body distortion such as: dents, deep scratches, or loose hinges cause issues with their aerodynamics and lead to poor millage. Larger dents that result in underlying damage to the vehicle’s frame are serious, because they can impact the structural interior of the vehicle and should be immediately corrected to prevent further damage. New Look Collision Center has trained professionals that are skilled in auto body repair and dent removal.

Another way to save on that precious fuel is to turn your car off while waiting for someone outside a store, their home, or place of business! In other words, avoid excessive idling. Yes, we know it’s hot! But really, not all the time. If you think you’ll be in front of a place for more than a minute or so, turn the car off.

The less a vehicle weighs the better. A vehicle that has as less weight gets better mileage in the long run. Besides, its best to have a clean car anyway. Only carry essentials.

Now this one seems the most obvious, but seems to get missed, always keep your car tuned up! Keeping your car tuned up maximizes gas mileage and your engine potential. There are a lot of parts under the hood that need looking after, so make sure to get your car checked annually. For example filters, fluids, and hoses have to be checked and replaced as needed especially in the heat of the Las Vegas desert! Your vehicle will have an owner’s manual that has recommended service schedules, always try to adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations the best you can. Having a well maintenance car can help fuel stay in your tank much longer. Of course, its best to bring your car or truck to an ASE facility such as New Look Collision Centers. Don’t forget they are “I Car Platinum Individuals” and ASE certified. After all, a “Gold Class” Certified and Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles “Class A Certified” shop is what you deserve, right?

Don’t decide to go food shopping, go home, and then realize you need to go to a hardware store that was right next to the grocers! Make a list and plan your route. In addition, try to go when you know traffic is generally lighter. This avoids additional stop and go traffic on surface streets.

Here’s a tip that will save you a ton of money! Don’t speed! Avoid the ticket and your miles per gallon by taking it easy. In addition, “jack rabbit” starts from a traffic light and sudden acceleration doesn’t do much to make that gas last longer. As you’re driving, don’t just look at the car in front of you – get a sweeping scope of as much of the road as possible and plan how to slowly accelerate to high speeds.