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Saturn automobiles run for several years without costing a lot of money. The Saturn brand became somewhat of a staple for individuals who were hardworking middle-class families that wanted a decent automobile without having to spend too much of their hard earned money to get it. There are still many Saturn’s driving the around the roadways of Las Vegas and Henderson to this day.

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Over the years, Saturn developed more cars to complement its basic line and it continued to develop the automobiles that it was manufacturing in order to update each vehicle in addition to giving all of its automobiles a sleek new look. For quite some time, this move was successful and Saturn automobiles became sought after by many different types of consumers. Unfortunately, the downturn in the economy a few years ago spelled disaster for the Saturn car company. Eventually manufacturing was halted and the company closed its doors. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t your Saturn auto body repairs completed from a reputable Las Vegas auto body repair center like New Look Collision. We are here for you and all Saturn owners living in the Vegas Valley.

Saturn was not necessarily acquired by another company but it is supported by General Motors who was the parent company of Saturn. In fact, parts can still be located for virtually all Saturn automobiles through General Motors. In addition, many of the automobiles that were manufactured by Saturn can be found in a similar design by other car companies, as many of these designs were not unique to Saturn alone. Moreover, many Saturns can still be found at used car lots. Because of their quality and reliability, they can still provide several more years of reliable service.

While production of all Saturn automobiles stopped a few years ago, at the time that they were still in production some of their most well known automobiles were the Vue, which was a crossover automobile and the Outlook, a full-size SUV. The company also offered a four-door sedan, the Aura and a sporty roadster in the Sky an unmistakable car traveling the Las Vegas roadways. Making only four different models helped to ensure quality while still allowing the consumer the opportunity to find a suitable vehicle regardless of the type of car that they were looking for.

It is fair to say that Saturn’s claim to fame was definitely the Sky roadster. The car was offered in two different distinct models, the red line and the basic model. Both looked virtually identical on the outside, as all were two-seat sports cars, at least for appearance’s sake. However, the red line version of the Sky was performance oriented, offering a turbocharger and the option to go with either a manual or automatic transmission. The more basic version however, was often outfitted with a manual transmission and had a four cylinder engine without a turbocharger. It looked virtually the same but had far less horsepower and was not able to achieve the same speeds as the red line version. Regardless of your version, the experts at New Look Collision has the staff at each of its two Las Vegas body shops that can bring your Saturn back to showroom condition.

Saturn brought a lot to the table for the individual consumer. It is unfortunate that the downturn in the economy caused the company to experience such severe financial hardships that it could not recover. As part of the General Motors restructuring process the company was dissolved in 2010. However, many of these vehicles can still be found on the road and individuals who wish to purchase one can still find a reliable vehicle available for sale in virtually any location. If you have a Saturn automobile that has been damaged in a collision and you are looking for a reputable company to make repairs so that it looks and performs as it was designed to, do not hesitate to take your car to New Look Collision for repair services. Their expertise in repairing Saturn automobiles helps you get your favorite car back on the road as fast as possible.

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