Saab Collision Repair

Saab Collision Repair in Las Vegas

New car buyers have one persistent nightmare: what if their vehicle’s manufacturer goes out of business and stops making parts? Since the demise of Saab’s internal combustion line due to the company’s bankruptcy and subsequent acquisition by a Chinese electrical car consortium, owners of this brand have faced a variant of that situation. The one good thing is that GM once owned a substantial stake in Saab. Many Saab parts were made by GM, and thus can be directly replaced by GM parts. Good mechanics familiar with the brand will be able to determine if this is possible.

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The value of every Saab, on the road or unsold inventory on a lot, plummeted when the company filed for bankruptcy. Insurance companies will take this into account when evaluating claims, and may choose to “total out” a vehicle that requires extensive repairs. Saabs can still be repaired in our both of our Las Vegas collision centers , of course, but it takes expert knowledge of the brand and the current situation to write an estimate that the insurance company will accept and then to carry out the repairs so the car meets the owner’s standards.

All warranty protection on Saab vehicles ended when the company was liquidated, although certain parts may still be under warranty from their own manufacturer. A good garage or collision repair center like New Look Collision Centers  whose staff is familiar with the brand will understand this situation and be able to determine whether any warranty is associated with a specific part.

Collision Repair in Las Vegas

Some collision repair situations require few if any new parts. Pulling a dent out of a Saab is still perfectly feasible, and matching paint is readily available. Replacing parts that shatter in a collision, like front and rear bumpers, may be more trouble, but aftermarket parts are readily available. A knowledgeable staff at a good collision repair facility, like New Look Collision Center will know the best sources for parts, and may be able to purchase them at a lower cost than the owner due to trade discounts. Contact or visit either one of our two Vegas valley locations, Our Las Vegas body shop near I-215 and S. Rainbow or or Henderson body shop located near the Henderson DMV.

Because the company is out of business, few mechanics’ training courses will specifically cover Saabs. Experienced mechanics who have been in the field for a while, of course, trained before.
The company liquidated and may have extensive practical experience on these vehicles. However, dealerships that handled Saab before the company’s dissolution may no longer have anyone on staff with experience with Saabs. Independent shops that have been in business for a while are more likely to have the expertise to deal with Saab problems.

What to do if your Saab needs Auto Body work

Saabs are notoriously safe and reliable vehicles, and they may last for a good while with only routine maintenance. When the cars do go down or involved in an accident, the owner should establish a budget for these auto body repairs, keeping in mind the decreased value of Saab vehicles. If the collision damage is worth repairing, it should be taken to an expert who understands both the unique aspects of Saab engineering and the parts situation with reference to the company’s dissolution.

For auto collision work, an established auto body shop like New Look Collision Center in Las Vegas can help owners work with insurance companies. We have extensive industry contacts to  find any available parts. Our expert knowledge and respect for the vehicle makes them the best people to help get a Saab back on the Las Vegas roads.

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