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Are you a rude driver?

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Who are the rudest drivers in America?

Angry performed a survey in 2014 about the top 10 states with the rudest drivers. Nevada ranked second in the survey. The survey polled 2,000 drivers from all 50 states. The most common complaints were drivers speeding, talking on the phone, blocking traffic from merging and changing lanes, or just being rude (road rage, middle finger).

Rude driving causes problems that reach far beyond the steering wheel of a rude driver, and you must pattern your driving after wise driving habits. The rudest drivers in America are those that block traffic trying to merge, or talk shamelessly on their phones paying limited attention to whats’ happening on the roads. Giving up rude, driving habits outlined in this article can prevent you from not only being considered a, well, a jerk, but can also curb your chances of an accident.

#1: Talking On The Phone

It is still legal in some states to talk on your cell phone while driving, but its still a dangerous practice. You should purchase a hands-free phone device that will dial your phone for you, and a luxury vehicle comes with a system that syncs with your phone’s Bluetooth. Every driver who chooses to talk on the phone is taking an unnecessary risk.

#2: Not Signaling Properly

Drivers who do not signal properly on the roads cause dangerous situations that other drivers cannot respond to. Signaling communicates to other drivers when you’re changing lanes. Drivers who are not alerted to a lane change could become quite angry, and drivers who cannot react in time are prone to crash.

#3: Road Rage

Road rage must be quelled as much as possible. Someone who gets extremely angry on the roads cannot be trusted to drive safely. An agitated driver who is experiencing road rage will follow or tailgate another driver to a point of excess. Accidents are likely, violence between drivers as well. Reckless driving is often tied to road rage, and drivers who get exceptionally angry on the roads are no longer in total control of their actions or their vehicle.

#4: Rude Gestures

Rude gestures between drivers ignites road road. Your state of mind improves your safety as a driver, so it is your conscious choice not to take rude gestures personally or allow them to interfere with your concentration.

Any of these complaints are legitimate concerns to our roads and neighborhoods that have and will cause serious auto accidents. The rudest drivers in America are not defensive drivers, so you have to be. Especially here in Nevada, where we are the second state in the union with the rudest drivers.