Highway Glare

Protect Yourself From Sun Glare… The Secret Road Hazard!

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Highway GlareDriving at night, through heavy fog, sleet, heavy snowfall or thunderstorms are just a few hazardous scenarios that can impair a driver’s vision and cause accidents. Most drivers do not usually consider the vision problems they could have while driving on a bright sunny day, but that’s exactly what can happen as a result of sun glare.

Accidents caused by sun glare while driving in Scottsdale happen frequently because it tends to be very sunny. Direct sunlight in itself is usually not the cause of these accidents, however. Rather, the danger comes from the glare of the sun’s reflection as it bounces off of other cars, pools of water, metal objects and windows. Another common cause that creates sun glare comes from dashboards polished with vinyl cleaners. Vinyl cleaners create a shiny surface on the dashboard that increases the reflection of the sun’s light inside the windshield, also referred to as “veiling glare”.

According to police reports, sun glare is a hidden traffic hazard that causes a number of auto collisions and even deaths on the road. Sun glare puts drivers more at risk of running into the back of another vehicle, swerving too far over into oncoming traffic, running off of the road, hitting pedestrians and animals, or failing to see traffic lights and signs.

Driving on a clear sunny day may seem like the ideal driving scenario, but it carries a deceptive danger that many drivers may be unaware of until it happens to them. Temporarily not being able to see while driving, even for a slight second, can spell disaster and may even cost you an auto body shop trip or your life! Worse yet, spring is the peak season for sun glares since the sun stays at its lowest during morning and evening rush hours.

Although there’s not much you can do to prevent the actions of other drivers, you can take as many precautionary measures as possible to make driving on the road much safer.

Sun glare is seldom considered as a reason for causing a car accident, but temporary blindness caused by sun glare is a real danger. Minimizing sun glare by positioning your driver’s side visor or traveling slower to keep a good distance from the next vehicle on the road can all offer some level of relief. In order to reduce the effects of sun glare strikes even further, stay connect to our New Look Collision Center of Scottsdale blog, or contact us to receive comprehensive services and safety tips today!