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Rising Number of Parking Lot Accidents in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas Parking Lot Accidents on the Rise

fender benderAccording to a 2015 article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Las Vegas leads all other Nevada cities in population growth. In fact, we gained more than 9,900 residents between 2013 and 2014 alone. Local businesses have felt the strain from this growth, and their parking lots are increasingly unable to provide sufficient space for all of the drivers trying to find room for their vehicles. Inevitably, this leads to more parking lot accidents.  Over Thanksgiving, I saw a collision in the Smith’s parking lot in Southern Highlands.  I witnessed two more accidents in the LVAC parking lot off Eastern and the 215.    Everybody was in a rush, perhaps because of the holidays?

Luckily for most of the people involved, parking lot accidents in Las Vegas generally happen at low speeds. Unfortunately, even minor accidents  result in enough automotive damage, dents and scratched paint that you’ll need a collision shop. If your car needs repairs, how much will they cost?

Responding Appropriately to a Parking Lot Accident

If you experience an accident in a parking lot, your first priority should be to remain calm and to avoid claiming responsibility. Tempers can flare quickly after an accident, and keeping a cool head will help to ensure a fair resolution in a lawsuit or insurance claim. Remember these important steps:

  • Move both vehicles so they are clear of other traffic and pedestrians. If you cannot move your car, turn its emergency lights on.
  • Call emergency services if someone is hurt or a car is badly damaged. If you do not have a phone, ask for help from a parking lot attendant or bystander.
  • Report the accident to your insurance provider.
  • Document everything possible about the accident.
  • Record the names, contact information and insurance details of the other drivers and any witnesses.
  • Provide the same information to them.
  • Take detailed pictures of both vehicles if possible.
  • Note the time, weather conditions and any other details that might be useful in an investigation.
  • Contact an attorney if you feel that you might need legal aid.

After Reporting a Parking Lot Accident

After reporting a parking lot accident to the police or private security, you can expect someone to arrive and investigate the scene. The officer will generally document his or her findings. You have the right to request a copy of the report.

Note that the accident report will usually stop short of placing blame on any driver because assigning fault isn’t the officer’s responsibility. However, the report may contain key information that can help insurance companies resolve claims more expediently. More importantly, the report might assist you in the event of a lawsuit.

Contact Your Insurance Provider

At the scene of an accident, the other driver may ask you not to contact your insurance company regarding the incident. This may even sound like a good idea, as few people want to go through the inconvenient process of filing an insurance claim. However, you pay your insurance company to provide a very important service. In the time that follows a parking lot accident, you might discover more severe car damage that went unnoticed at first. You may also notice a nagging pain or injury that isn’t improving on its own.

Your insurance company is responsible for pursuing all avenues necessary to make sure that you receive any compensation to which you are legally entitled in the event of an accident. At the same time, your contract with the insurance company requires you to report all accidents promptly. It is also possible that the other driver will report the accident to his or her insurance company, no matter what he or she told you at the scene of the accident.

Repairing Your Vehicle

Car Accidents Happen AlotWe are proud to be a part of Nevada’s fastest growing city. There are many benefits that come with a growing population, and we hope that you will never be involved in a parking lot accident. If you have been in a parking lot accident in Las Vegas, contact us for help with getting your vehicle repaired quickly. We handle all of the most common repairs required after parking lot accidents, including:

If your car needs a part replacement, we will also help you choose the most cost effective method. While obtaining a new part from the car’s original manufacturer is always the preferred option, it is also the most expensive. You may be able to lower the cost of the repair by replacing damaged parts with used or third-party components instead. We can explain all of your options and help you understand the benefits and drawbacks of each. Call us today or visit our convenient, fast ONLINE CAR REPAIR ESTIMATOR now.

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