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OEM Recycled Materials versus Aftermarket Parts

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When it comes to car repair, there are options available for securing the materials needed to get the job done. There are the original manufacturers of auto parts and the company which makes the parts for them, and there are aftermarket parts, often cheaper in cost and more widely available. Read on to find some of the differences between the two and if it really matters when it comes to your car’s performance.


Original equipment manufacturer (or OEM) materials are created new for a vehicle by the manufacturer and can be purchased at a later time to replace a broken component. These materials are labeled as “authentic” or “genuine” for sake of clarity. These parts can be more expensive than aftermarket parts but often includes a warranty.

Aftermarket Parts

An aftermarket car part is not sourced from the maker of the car but from a different manufacturer. According to the car dealership website, about 80 percent of independent auto shops use aftermarket shops. These parts tend to be less expensive but the same quality as OEM parts, an advantage when it comes to shopping around for vehicle replacement parts.

OEM Recycled Parts

Original equipment manufacturer parts that have been recycled are a cost-effective option when it comes time to replace car parts. For cars that are older and require parts that don’t wear (like door handles), OEM recycled parts could be a good choice. If the car part will wear out soon into the future, it’s best to buy new.

So what type of car parts should you be using when it comes to car repair? This all depends on the type of vehicle you are looking to repair. For older vehicles with not much life left in them, it might not make much sense to invest in brand new, more expensive parts with a warranty attached. On the other hand, for a newer car that you plan on driving for several more years, the investment could be worth the cost.

About Autos has three lists for referencing when you are deciding between new and OEM recycled auto parts. They categories are:

  • Always OK to use (including body panels and parts, exhaust pipes, and steering wheels)
  • Sometimes OK to use (including alternators, camshaft, and tires)
  • Never OK to use (including air bags, batteries, and spark plug wires)

If you do the work yourself, don’t be afraid to ask questions and stay informed about the store’s return policy in case you need to make an exchange. The part may also be available online from various suppliers of OEM recycled parts. If you choose to go with a pro, work with a mechanic you trust.

Replacing car parts can become expensive and there are times when purchasing OEM recycled parts is worth the cost. New Look Collision has been serving Las Vegas since 2004 and is your trusted source for auto body repair. We are equipped to serve your vehicle; contact us today for your free estimate.

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