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Michael Whittemore has always had a passion for his body shop franchise.   After working in auto body repair for a decade, he created a business proposal & shopped around to potential investors. By 2004, his dream came true with the establishment of the New Look Collision Center in Henderson, NV!

Michael’s visionary leadership makes the franchise a great success.   Since its inception, New Look’s ultimate goal was to follow a model of sustainable, internal growth for the company. The plan worked.  Today, New Look Collision Center operates from multiple shops in the Las Vegas metropolitan area.

National Recognition

The company’s excellence has not gone unnoticed.   Earlier this year, Inc. Magazine list of the 5000 fastest-growing companies in America.   Next, the company was featured in Fender Bender magazine, the standard in auto body business publications. Nevada Governor, Mark Hutchison, congratulated Whittemore for being the 13th fastest growing company in the state!  The statistics behind their success include a phenomenal growth of 200% over a three-year period. They also created new jobs to expand. Today, New Look repairs 600+ vehicles a month.

The close family ties within the ranks of the company create a foundation for establishing business relationships. Customers at New Look enjoy world-class service, quality auto body repair using emerging technology and innovation for both unibody and paint work. The unforgettable customer service is the cornerstone of the company’s customer retention strategy.


All business enterprises have their unique sets of challenges. In the volatile market economies of this century, startups find themselves on the verge of bankruptcy or collapse. Starting capital also proven difficult to mobilize even with a sound business plan.   New Look Collision weathered similar challenges like the economic recession of 2008.

Perhaps the company’s ability to adopt innovative technology steered it away from collapse and into success. They discovered the power of digital marketing in addition to offering quality customer service.  Their digital footprint involves an interactive website, mobile user applications and local search engine and directory optimization.

Continued Growth

The focus on digital marketing strategies made the firm enlist the services of Yokel Local to manage social media and online traffic. The mobile estimator allows car owners to get a repair estimate and advice on car issues.  Again, the relationship with the renowned marketing company catapulted New Look Collision to even greater revenue earnings.

They witnessed a $2 million increase due to the application of digital marketing.  New Look will continue investing in new technology and digital marketing.   Michael Whittemore intends to keep the auto body franchise profitable through diversification and regional expansion.