Recycling old car parts

New Look Collision Recycles!

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Our Eco-Friendly Recycling Program

Building LogoNew Look Collision restores cars to their original factory-fresh look.  We also work hard to be a good community partner. One way of the ways we do this, and motivate our team, is through our incentivized recycling program.

This is a recycling program that offers many rewards!

Making a Difference

When our estimators, technicians, mechanics and staff began to recycle, we surprised ourselves at the difference we could make.  It is remarkable how many things can be kept out of the waste stream *if* you know how to recycle them.

We reduced landfill waste by recycling car parts such as bumper parts, aluminum wheels and sheet metal.  Components such as radiators and a/c condensers are also recycled. Even headlights and tail lights can be kept out of the landfill through recycling.

Recycling old car parts

Paper recycling covers the cardboard and boxes from shipments of car parts that we receive daily.

New Look Collision Centers are committed to recycling everything we can. Reducing our environmental impact has brought out team together in a spirit of camaraderie and good citizenship.

Change of Thinking

Recycling just takes a change in your thinking. Our technicians and estimators; many of whom have been in auto body repair for thirty years, have seen the industry grow from a disposable system to one that makes the most of each scrap. There is no financial reward for recycling, but that’s not what it’s all about.

The real reward is in the knowledge that our work isn’t contributing to pollution at the same rate that many others do. It’s one way we set ourselves apart from other auto body shops in the area.

Encouraging Teamwork

Recognizing that recycling is its own reward, our company applies that small fund from metal scrap recycling to reward the whole team with dinners and other treats throughout the year.

With teamwork at the core of our operation, our technicians really listen to one another. This helps them do their job better and to come up with creative solutions to complex problems. Our shop is well-stocked with the latest in automotive tools and diagnostic equipment, but our greatest asset is its intelligent, well-informed staff with the experience to do the job right.  These team dinners aren’t just tasty, they bring our family closer together and boost morale.

Repair Your Car

When you entrust your car to us, you can count on a high-quality restoration. New Look Collision is well-trained in auto body repair, replacement or enhancement of your car’s frame and parts.

From broken headlights to a busted bumper we bring your car back to life, so to speak.  But during the process, rest assured, we pull all recyclable parts out of the waste cycle. When your car looks just like new, you can put the crash behind you, including the trash from it!

If your car has been in an accident, trust only the pro’s at New Look Collision. Please feel free to ask about our recycling efforts and send us your feedback on new eco-friendly programs we need to know about!

Meet New Look’s Owner, Michael Whittemore! (Pictured Below)