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All About Mitsubishi

The name Mitsubishi has been a name well-known in Japan for almost 150 years, and the original company was born in 1870 when it was founded by Yataro Iwasaki as a shipping company. Translated very loosely into English, “Mitsubishi” means “three diamonds,” and this meaning is represented through the well-known logo that ties three red rhombuses together in a triangular pattern.

The first vehicle made by the company was the “Mitsubishi Model A,” which was released when the company was known as Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. Only a handful of these vehicles were ever produced and this first effort to manufacture automobiles was halted in 1921 due to concerns about the price of building the vehicles. You won’t see of these cars traveling Scottsdale’s roadways. However, if you have a newer Mitsubishi and are in need of any Scottsdale collision repairs, our Las Vegas Auto body shop or our Henderson Auto body shop can assist you.

It would be several years before the company would start making passenger vehicles again with the first vehicles from the company emerging after the Second World War. The company would manufacture a bus, a cargo vehicle, and a scooter to start.

For a few decades, there were three separate companies involved in various phases of automobile production and development until 1964 when the groups were combined once again into a single company called Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Swift ramp-up of vehicle production would begin and after just a few years the company was producing tens of thousands of vehicles.

The modern incarnation of Mitsubishi that car owners are familiar with today was created in 1970 under the name of Mitsubishi Motors Corporation. The company would adopt the already-famous three-diamonds logo and would quickly form strong connections with American company Chrysler. The Mitsubishi Galant would be sold in the United States as the Dodge Colt, and this partnership would boost Mitsubishi’s yearly production quota up over a quarter of a million vehicles. If your Mitsubishi is in need of collision repair in Las Vegas because you have some auto body damage.

After Chrysler started experiencing some difficult years financially, Mitsubishi would seek to continue development of vehicle sales in America and would introduce the Tredia, Cordia, and Starion vehicles into the United States starting in 1982. It wasn’t until the end of that decade that Mitsubishi would start heavy advertising of its own brand since it would spend several years in tense cooperative efforts with Chrysler.

By the early 1990s, Mitsubishi would emerge as an independent entity from Chrysler as far as advertising was concerned, and would perform well in sales despite difficulties in Japan with a severe recession in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Cooperation remained between Chrysler and Mitsubishi, however, as the companies never fully disentangled from one another.

During the last decade, Mitsubishi has seen significant partnership and interest from various foreign entities, but by the end of the first millennial decade, the company would finally be back under complete control of Japanese ownership. Over the years, Mitsubishi has worked with many companies in the international vehicle manufacturing community such as Volvo, Peugeot, Proton (out of Malaysia), and Hyundai.

Although the company went through some tough times in the early 2000s with a cover-up scandal regarding vehicle defects and slow sales for several years, the company has seen its popularity jump with a number of popular models on the market today. With American automobile manufacturers finding renewed strength in the American market, foreign automakers like Mitsubishi have required significant creativity from their design teams to keep up healthy worldwide sales. Industry watchers have also been keeping their eye on Mitsubishi’s intent to produce an all-electric vehicle, which is currently under development and hopefully be traveling the streets of Scottsdale sometime soon.

The current Mitsubishi lineup includes the Mitsubishi Lancer, which is an economy-priced sedan, the quick Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, which offers drivers a racing-inspired driving experience, and the Mitsubishi Outlander, which is one of the company’s SUVs. If your Mitsubishi vehicle has experienced some auto body damage and is in need of excellent collision repair in Scottsdale, consider bringing your car or SUV to New Look Collision Centers, where our vehicle experts will assist with any issues or repairing body damage required on your Mitsubishi automobile.

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