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Over the last century, each major car maker in the United States has created various imprints associated with their main brand, and Mercury had the marque which was created by Ford Motor Company. Interestingly, Mercury was actually meant to reside between the base Ford models at the bottom of the price spectrum, and the luxury Lincoln models at the top of the price spectrum. This presented an interesting opportunity for Ford to create luxury vehicles from current Ford vehicle architecture. As you are aware the there are many Mercury’s commuting within the Las Vegas valley. If your Mercury needs an auto body shop in Las Vegas, please contact us today.

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Many people do realize the fact that the world was introduced to Mercury in 1938 by Edsel Ford,  son of Henry Ford. Taking the name for the imprint from the Roman god, Mercury would see over 60 years of production before parent company Ford would phase the Mercury name out of existence as part of a larger restructuring of Ford Motor Company. Rest assured our Las Vegas collision center or our Henderson collision center have the expertise to bring your Mercury back to its original luster.

Much thought was put into the creation of the Mercury brand, but during its tenure at Ford, the imprint would never truly find an identity apart from Ford and Lincoln. Often appearing identical to base model Ford vehicles, sometimes the only visual indication that a vehicle was a Mercury car was the change in the emblem on the exterior of the vehicle and some minor adjustments to the shape of the body. As a Las Vegas resident I’m sure you can relate to this and get a similar feeling with recent consolidations of so many  resorts on the Las Vegas strip.

For the first few decades of its existence, Mercury would operate as a separate division within the Ford family, but by the 1940s it would become part of Lincoln. The 1950s saw so many car brands priced at various levels that it wasn’t always easy to figure out which cars were meant to be expensive and luxurious, and which vehicles were supposed to be budget-friendly.

Mercury would hit its stride in the 1970s when it sold almost 600,000 vehicles late in that decade, with the Cougar reaching huge sales numbers. Unfortunately, other vehicles in the Mercury lineup were not as popular, and dealerships had trouble selling the various sedans and wagons offered in those years. The 70s also saw Mercury toy with imports from Ford’s European automobile designers, and a vehicle called the Capri sold exceptionally well for several years. There are still many Mercury vehicles traveling the streets of Green Valley, Las Vegas, and Summerlin. If your Mercury needs a new paint job or auto body damage repair use our online auto body repair estimate form and receive a quote from the comfort of home.

Like many other significant vehicle brands, Mercury would suffer under the weight of fuel economy restrictions and rising gas prices. Although other car brands like Chrysler would successfully change the look and size of their popular vehicles, Mercury was unable to change with the times as several Mercury models from the 1980s were panned by critics and buyers.

Although the late 1970s and early 1980s were particularly painful for the company, a revitalization did occur in the late 80s after which continued modifications and changes were made to the company’s vehicle designs. The exceptionally popular Ford Taurus would see a popular Mercury version with the Sable, and 1988 would even see the production of the Tracer, which was a Mercury vehicle that was a first for the company since it had no lower-priced Ford twin.

During the 1990s, Mercury would latch onto the SUV craze fairly early and Ford would release the Mercury Mountaineer, which was designed as a luxury version of the Ford Explorer. Throughout that decade and the next, Mercury would remain a popular company, but Ford was interested in obtaining a more youthful audience for its vehicles, and decided that the brand needed an overhaul to attract younger buyers.

Lower sales levels as the 21st century progressed caused Ford to take the drastic step of shuttering its venerated brand in 2011. Popular Mercury cars still driven today include the Grand Marquis, which sold over 700,000 vehicles in the last decade of Mercury’s existence, and the Sable, which moved almost a half million vehicles from 2000 to 2010. If you drive a Mercury and require servicing by a skilled auto body shop, contact New Look Collision. The number one Las Vegas Auto Body and Collision Repair Service Shop. We are a DMV Class “A” rated Auto Body Shop .

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