Mercedes-Benz breaks new ground at CES Vegas

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CES in Vegas

Right now, Las Vegas is the hottest city on the planet for innovation and futuristic visions!  CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is the largest tradeshow or conference of the year for Las Vegas.  In addition to debuting products never seen before by a global audience, CES also brings with it an enormous about of business for the hospitality industry.

Mercedes Benz of Tomorrow

CES kicked off on January 4th and runs through January 9th.   We have a front row see to CES here in our business’s backyard!  As a newly certified Mercedes Benz autobody shop, we were especially intrigued by the self-driving car that Mercedes-Benz showed off!    The body of the car is made with the lightest materials available like carbon fiber and aluminum.   The F 015 is a vertitable “boat” of a car stretching over 17 feet long.  Naturally, everything inside of it is motion-sensored and decked out with state-of-the-art entertainment.

Biggest Difference?

That’s probably the most shocking difference about this car.  It seats four passengers who sit in lounge chairs facing each other!  Why would you need a driver’s seat or a passenger seat if you don’t have to drive your Mercedes anymore!?  Check out more about this fascinating experimental auto on the LA Times here.