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Lotus is a company name associated with racing, and although the company has never competed in sales against major outfits like Ford, Toyota, or Volvo, the racing traditions present in this company have made impacts on the track and with racing enthusiasts on the road. Based in the United Kingdom, Lotus was originally begun in 1952 by a pair of engineering graduates named Colin Dare and Colin Chapman as “Lotus Engineering Ltd.”

The primary focus of the company for many years was Formula One racing, and the company offered some stiff competition against rival car maker Ferrari for several years until it disappeared from the racing circuit in 1994. Although the company started its life in North London, the present spot for the company’s operations is located in an area called Hethel, right next to a former Royal Air Force base where the engineers have access to an old runway to use as a racetrack. If you’re using Scottsdale’s roadways as your own personal racetrack and are involved in a auto collision, contact our superb Auto Body Shop in Scottsdale.

The financial picture at Lotus has been a volatile one over the years. Production by the 1980s was at a standstill, due in part to the worldwide financial issues impacting so many countries at the time. There was also the assumption that Lotus had not changed with the times and that its cars were old and out of date.

Unfortunately, Lotus’s problems would only worsen at the beginning of the 80s due to the scandal involving fellow English company DeLorean, where that company was accused of misappropriating government funds to build cars. Lotus wasn’t directly involved in the embezzlement, but the company had provided designs for DeLorean’s vehicles.

The solution for Lotus’s financial problems ended up being a sale of most of the company’s assets to General Motors in the United States. GM held the company for several years until it was sold again to an Italian named Romano Artioli, who also owned luxury car company Bugatti. Later, a Malaysian car company named Proton would snap up a majority share of the company’s stock.

Although the company was absent from Formula One for several years, Lotus had strong showings at many championships throughout the 60s and 70s and even encouraged its regular buyers to race. The company pioneered many of the groundbreaking vehicle designs used within the racing world and would offer strong showings until racing Formula One stopped at the company.

In 2010, the racing team for Lotus returned to the Formula One track, although the group was actually a Malaysian racing team that licensed the Lotus name. Things didn’t go too well, however, and after some shakeups with licensing, racers, and vehicles, the racing team was added to the Renault F1 team to become Lotus Renault GP.

Lotus has just a handful of current models currently in production, and the most popular vehicle is the Lotus Elise, which is the small and sporty Miata-size vehicle that weighs a tiny 1,986 pounds. Other vehicles in the Lotus lineup include: the Exige S, which has a supercharged engine; the Evora; the 2-Eleven; and the T125 Exos. The T125 Exos is for the track only, so drivers won’t be taking that particular model out for a Sunday drive.

For residents of California and other select venues around the United States, the newly created Tesla race car, which is a fully electric vehicle, looks almost identical to a Lotus Elise. For casual drivers, the only way to tell the Lotus Elise and the Tesla Model S apart is to look at the logo on the car itself.

Although it is a specialized automobile with a racing heritage, and not many Lotus vehicles crowd the roads today, the vehicle experts at New Look Collision offer expertise and knowledge in Lotus vehicle auto body repair, maintenance, and collision repair for Lotus vehicles.

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