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Currently owned by Ford Motor Company, Lincoln is a luxury brand of automobile based in the United States and sells the bulk of its vehicles in North America. Due to rapid expansion of car ownership in the country of China, there are plans from Ford to begin the sales and marketing of Lincoln vehicles in that country as of 2014. As one of the imprints to survive the restructuring and reorganization of the Big Three automakers in Detroit, Lincoln appears poised to continue its success as a luxury automobile maker as evident of the number of Lincoln’s now traveling Scottsdale’s streets and highways.

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Begun in 1917 and originally named The Lincoln Motor Company as an independent business, former General Motors employee Henry Leland teamed up with his son, Wilfred Leland, to launch the business as a company that assembled aircraft engines. The name of the company did come from Henry’s love of Abraham Lincoln, for whom he had voted during the presidential election in 1864.

After World War I, there were efforts to begin crafting luxury automobiles. There were several financial issues that developed out of this aim, so the company was purchased by Ford in 1922. The companies wouldn’t fully meld with one another for several years; however, Lincoln was all but a completely separate company for decades. New Look Collision centers repairs auto body damage on all Lincoln’s new and old.

One of the interesting facets of Lincoln’s early years is that in purchasing the company, Henry Ford would seek to get back at General Motors for having been pushed out of one of his original companies by eventual owner GM. Ford already produced luxury automobiles under the Ford name, but with the purchase of Lincoln, Ford would be able to release automobiles under a separate nameplate that would earn greater acceptance by the car-buying public.

At the time of the Lincoln purchase, Ford was a name associated with mass produced vehicles; and nobody thought a luxury car could come from the company. The acquisition of Lincoln would change that. It wasn’t long before Lincoln started to compete admirably against well-known luxury automakers like Cadillac, Duesenberg, and Packard.

If you are one of the lucky individuals that drive in the luxury of Lincoln, you know not to trust any collision repair to just any Scottsdale auto body shop. Trust the experts at New Look Collision to bring your Lincoln back to the original factory specifications. Our expertly trained staff are qualified to work diligently on a brand used by presidents.

Over the years, Lincoln experienced various structural changes at the hands of Ford and would eventually see a merge with Mercury in the 1940s. For a short time in the 1950s, the company would be associated with the Continental Division. This separate entity was eventually made a direct part of Lincoln for a unified sales front.

Ford continuously tooled with efforts to maintain competitiveness with the Lincoln brand, and spent many decades in direct competition with Cadillac. By the time the 1980s rolled around, the luxury cars created by Lincoln were considered gas-guzzlers that couldn’t abide by fuel economy standards. In an interesting twist, the same issue hit General Motor’s Cadillac division, and Lincoln took over the luxury sedan market for a short while with their popular car the “Continental.”  Next time you’re driving around Scottsdale, take a look, I’m sure you will find more Continentals than you would imagine cruising its roadways.

One of the exciting facets of Lincoln history is the acceptance of the Lincoln as a popular presidential vehicle. Di you know that the first presidential vehicle from Lincoln was the “Sunshine Special” used in 1939 by Franklin D. Roosevelt. The most recent Lincoln to see time at the White House was in 1989 with the Lincoln Town Car used by President George H.W. Bush.

Today, Lincoln currently offers buyers a range of luxury-grade vehicles that are often considered upgrades from comparable Ford vehicles. Popular vehicles from the brand include the Lincoln Navigator, the Lincoln MKX, the Lincoln MKZ, and the Lincoln MKS. As even the best luxury cars do require maintenance from time to time, New Look Collision centers are ready to help with any collision repair needs or issues with your Lincoln vehicle. Our Lincoln experts will get your vehicle back on the road fast. Visit our Scottsdale auto body shop today.

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