dishonest technician crossing his fingers

5 Ways to Know You’ve Found an Honest Auto Body Shop

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dishonest technician crossing his fingers

Your car is an extension of yourself.  It takes you where you need to go, shelters you from the elements, and looks pretty great when it’s feeling its best.  Out of nowhere, an accident or act of nature can turn your wheels into a twisted piece of metal that wants for better days.

It’s Not Easy to Find an Honest Auto Body Shop

There are plenty of horror  stories and mishaps revolving around folks who needed their cars fixed after a blunder or disaster.  If you’ve recently experienced an on-road mishap, here are five ways to know you’ve found an honest auto body shop:

1.  They’ll Stand by Their Estimates.

Never settle for the first business you speak to.  If they have excellent customer service that makes you want to do business with them, that’s a plus on their scoreboard, but it shouldn’t be the only thing that matters when you’re choosing a company.  Be sure to get multiple estimates, and inquire about any hidden costs that may not be readily apparent on your mockup invoice.  An honest body shop will happily tell you how it arrived at the numbers and what you can expect.  Dishonest firms are likely to buck at your inquiry.

2.  They’ll Put It in Writing.

No honest business person will have a problem complying with your request to put their promises in writing.  If you’ve found an honest auto body shop, this will simply be part of the business plan.  If not, you have reason to worry and seek another opinion.

3.  They’ve Got Awesome Reviews.

Bear in mind that there’s always going to be some angry Yelper who couldn’t have his completely totaled car restored back to showroom condition, but overall, reviews will tell you a ton about a body shop (and any other business.)  You should never rely on a single review or even a certain site to tell you which shops will cater to your car’s needs best.  Instead, be sure to scope out reviews from all of the most popular sites like Yelp!, Angie’s List, AAA, and the BBB.  A full picture will help you make an informed decision.

4.  They’re Certified.

Certifications should be a make-or-break deal when all else is equal.  When you find a certified auto body shop, you should be able to ask for accreditations from the industry and receive records of the shop’s reputation with no fuss or muss.  Specifically, be sure to inquire about ASE, I-Car, and Class A certifications.

5.  They’ll Answer Your Questions.

Your car was an expensive investment, and no respectable auto body shop will look down on you when you have questions or concerns.  You should feel free to ask anything of the representatives and technicians of your chosen body shop, and they should be happy to answer your inquiries.  If you’re displeased, speak to a manager, and if you still don’t like the final result, it’s probably time to look elsewhere.

If your car has been destroyed in an accident, don’t count it out yet!  An honest auto body shop will take a look at your vehicle, and if it can be repaired, experienced professionals will be happy to take on the challenge.  New Look Collision stands by our work.  If you want to see proof, just take a look at the “Watch Your Car Get Fixed!” section of our site!  Contact our team to learn more!