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Keep the Inside of your Car Clean

New Look Automobile Care Tips

vehicle repairOwning a car is a big responsibility. There is a lot of mechanical maintenance involved to keep your car in good shape for years to come.

That last thing you probably think of is keeping the interior of your car tidy.  But keeping a clean car can be easy even for laziest of us if you adhere to a few, easy tips.

Keep the Food Out

One of the best ways to keep your car from accumulating dirt and grime is to avoid eating inside the car. I know, I know….eating that double cheeseburger during a traffic jam just hits the spot, but waiting until you get out of your to eat can cut down on crumbs.  Bringing drinks into your car is also risky.  Spills leave sticky residue on your dash and center console.

Take Something Every Time You Get Out

Every time you get out of the car, grab a piece of trash. If you are using the no-food rule, your wrapper and cup trash will be low, but grabbing any sort of trash that is accumulating will keep that car clean. Also, if you make a mess, clean it up quickly. Waiting a week to clean up a soda mess will only make it stick longer.

Knocking Off Your Shoes

Give your muddy or dirty shoes a quick kick before getting in the car to keep floor mats clean.   Floor mats protect the carpet in your car.  You can easily remove them for cleaning. Most car mats are machine-washable.

New Look Collision Center encourages you to follow these steps to keep your car’s interior looking newer longer.  For car tips like these, stay tuned to our blog!