Items To Include In Your Car’s Emergency Kit

New Look Automobile Safety Tips

ToolsToday’s sophisticated automobile is the most reliable that was ever built. Sometimes these vehicles can completely shutdown and leave motorists stranded. You can also never know when you might be in a car accident. For these reasons why every car owner needs to keep emergency equipment in their vehicle at all times.

What Should Be Included?

Cell phone chargers. Nearly everyone carries a cell phone today. Motorists often fail to purchase a car phone charger that plugs into the usb or cigarette lighter accessory plug in their vehicle. This is an important item to keep in the glove compartment of the vehicle at all times.

A first-aid kit is essential. Another highly recommended item for storage in the trunk of your vehicle in case of a minor injury that might need to be treated on the spot.

Keep a fire extinguisher onboard. A fire can happen with a vehicle at any time. A short in the auto’s electrical wiring can cause a fire. A fuel leak could develop somewhere along the fuel system. Even a wreck can cause a fire; therefore, it is an important item to keep one under the seat or trunk area.

You’ll also want to keep jumper cables or portable battery booster in the trunk. Car owners usually receive a warning when a car battery is starting to fail. Investing in battery jumper cables and / or a small battery unit booster might save you from being stranded on the highway or out in the country by the lake for an afternoon of fishing.

Keep tire changing equipment in the trunk. Always include a good can of tire inflator in the trunk of your vehicle. Purchase a tire gauge along with a few tools to store away in the trunk for a roadside emergency, including a flat. Keep an eye on and maintain the proper pressure of your spare tire.  Many of today’s new vehicles have no spare tire, but you can always purchase one from an auto salvage center for added safety measures. Another tip would be to buy a small air compressor to keep a check on tires to maintain the correct pressure.

Store flashlights and batteries in the car. Always keep a reliable flashlight in the glove box with extra batteries. Larger flashlights can be stored under the seats for additional light in nighttime emergencies.

Keep gloves, hand cleaner, and clean rags in the trunk. These are important items to store away in case a tire needs to be changed, or a minor repair needs to be done under the hood of the vehicle. Nobody wants to be working on a vehicle only to finish and be left with grease on your hands.

Always have pen and paper in the vehicle. Keep these in the glove box along with any information about who to call in case a wrecker is needed to tow the vehicle. This will be important information if you’re in an accident or stranded along the side of the road.

Emergency flares or roadside safety equipment. Keep these in the trunk in case a breakdown or flat tire leaves you stranded along the emergency lane of a busy highway. This can help other motorists see you more clearly, along with having a chance of someone stopping to lend a hand.

Keep extra blankets, clothes, food and water in the vehicle. These are important items to keep in the vehicle at all times in case of emergency. Especially during winter months, inclement weather can cause havoc with drivers. Many can become stranded during these periods when travel is difficult.

A few gallons of water stored in the trunk of the car can help a motorist stay hydrated while they wait it out until conditions improve for travel. Non-perishable food items can be rotated on a timely basis as well to keep them fresh.

Of course, a few blankets can always be handy to stay warm or to use for other means if necessary. An extra jacket and a change of clothes can be useful when an automobile breakdown occurs, and motorists find themselves soaking wet from working on the vehicle in heavy rain.

Automobile Collision…

Always avoid cell phone usage and alcohol while driving. By staying alert and never distracted, you can drastically minimize the chance of being in a collision. Cell phones, especially texting are only to be used once you’re safely out of harms way.

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