Is Road Rage a Crime in Nevada?

Is Road Rage a Crime in Nevada?

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Did you know road rage accounts for 33% of car accidents caused by driver error? It is an alarming statistic because the calmest person can fall victim to acting out in anger. You would think that with stakes as high as this, road rage would be considered a crime with harsh punishment. However, that isn’t always the case.

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What Is Considered Road Rage?

Road rage is more than a person sharing a rude hand gesture. It includes physical threats, aggressive behavior, verbal insults, and reckless driving to get revenge on another driver. The sad reality is it can result in serious injury or even death. Here are the most concerning aspects of road rage:

Reckless Driving

We have all seen reckless driving before. A few examples include cars chasing each other on the highway or cutting each other off in busy traffic. An angry driver moving too close to the back of the car bumper of another driver.

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Aggressive Driving

If you run a red light, weave in and out of lanes through traffic or put another driver’s life at risk, you are committing aggressive driving that can result in road rage. In most cases, an aggressive driver can do all three which is dangerous to the lives of all on the road.


If you turn on your local news station, a story of auto assault might appear at least once throughout the year. An assault is when a driver uses their car too aggressively cause harm to a bicyclist, pedestrian or driver which is a criminal offense.

Is Road Rage a Crime in Nevada?

The act of anger behind the wheel is not illegal in the state of Nevada. Therefore, road rage by itself is not a crime. However, reckless driving and aggressive driving can result in prison time and fines depending on the severity.

Penalties for Road Rage in Nevada

In the state of Nevada, committing assault due to road rage falls under battery. It can result in a $1,000 fine or jail time of 6 months. If the situation escalates to hurting a pedestrian, an individual can be charged for committing assault.

How to Avoid Committing Road Rage

When you know traffic is ahead, the best way to avoid road rage is to play peaceful music. Personal development audio books by some of the top motivational speakers can help you maintain a positive mindset while driving. If you are a nature lover, there are audio CDs with the sound of the ocean. Here is a list of other ideas to help you:

  • Avoid rush hour after work by reading a book or complete extra work
  • Wake up an hour early to drive on the highway right before traffic starts
  • Take public transit to alleviate the stress of being on the road
  • Ask your employer to change your work schedule before or after traffic builds up

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Tips to Avoid Being a Road Rage Victim

There are a few ways to avoid being a victim of road rage. We encourage you to keep this information in mind whether you are driving in Nevada or out of state. A few tips include driving within the speed limit. If you are running late, avoid tailgating drivers or blocking a passing lane. Do your best to treat drivers with the same respect that you deserve.

What to Do if You Are a Victim of Road Rage

Your pride and self-respect can be challenged when an unexpected driver aggravates you to respond in a road rage situation. The next time you experience this, avoid eye contact and remain calm. This person is expecting you to respond for them to make the next move. It can put you and your passengers in harm if you decide to respond with anger. If you believe you are in an emergency, use your horn to signal to other drivers that you need help.

Reporting Road Rage

What can you do to report road rage? Dialing 911 is not necessary if your life is not at risk or the person is not showing erratic behavior. In the case that you believe this person is under the influence of alcohol, call the police.

Remember to write down their license plate and the color of their car, including the make and model. If there is a way to describe the appearance of the individual, it will help with filing a police report.