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Did you know that the origins of the Hummer date back to 1983, when AM General Corporation received funding from the Pentagon to design a vehicle for the transportation of army troops and cargo? Thus, the HMMVW, or Humvee, was born. Its wide design was ideal for driving over rough terrain. The vehicle was a hit with the army and was used in the Gulf War.

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A civilian version, nicknamed the Hummer, was introduced in 1992 and has been a staple in the Las Vegas valley ever since. The Hummer was the widest and heaviest car on the road, weighing in at 10,000 pounds. Arnold Schwarzenegger was a big fan and owned a number of the cars. In 1999, AM sold the brand to General Motors. GM introduced the lighter H2 model in 2002, and the H3 model, the smallest Hummer, began production in 2005. We know that if your Hummer is ever involved in an accident, it’s most likely the other car that received the bulk of the auto body damage. However your Hummer may still need some collision repairs of its own. That’s where New Look Collision comes in, as the premier auto body shop in Las Vegas for Hummers, we can tackle all auto body repair work large and small

The original Hummer got ten miles to the gallon and drew a great deal of criticism from environmental groups. Due to it’s large size, the Hummer also came to be seen as a symbol of American excess. In 2009, GM filed for bankruptcy and announced that they would be discontinuing the Hummer brand. That means your Hummer will surly become a classic. Next time you’re out roaming the desert and you get a few digs or scratches, let our expertly trained staff from either one of our Las Vegas or Henderson Auto body bring your Hummer back to like new condition.

Different Hummer Models

H1: The original model of the Hummer was produced from 1992 to 2006. With four-wheel drive and 16 inches of ground clearance, the H1 was the perfect vehicle for driving off-road. This model closely resembled the one that was used by the army, and it lacked many standard safety features such as side air bags.

H2: Introduced in 2002, the H2 was considerably lighter and narrower than its predecessor. The design was intended to be more comfortable for the occupants while still providing excellent off-road capability.

H3: The H3 got between 16 and 20 miles per gallon, making it the most fuel efficient Hummer. It was also made as a pickup called the H3T. The last H3 was produced in 2010.

The Hummer’s Claim to Fame

During its lifetime, Hummer received a lot of criticism for the poor fuel efficiency of its models. Despite this, there are a many Hummer enthusiasts out there. Like you, they appreciate the Hummer for its durability and the feeling of safety occupants have when riding in the vehicle. Hummers are also an ideal vehicle for off-road driving as they can withstand extreme conditions. They are capable of driving over rocky terrain and through water and mud in a way most other SUV are not. Certified pre-owned Hummers are still a hot commodity .

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When you need work done on your Hummer, look no further than New Look Collision Center. New Look Collision is one of the top auto body shops in Las Vegas, and we will treat your Hummer with the care it deserves. Free estimates are available online by using our online estimator.

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