protecting car paint

How to Maintain That New Finish on Your Newly Painted Car.

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protecting car paintHaving a professional finish on a newly painted car is one of the best ways to enhance the exterior appearance for a sleek and clean look. It will not only increase the vehicle’s value, but will remove blemishes to enhance the overall look and make it appear newer. There are a number of ways to maintain the finish to ensure the car continues to look attractive for many years to come.

Wash it Yourself

Although it’s more convenient to run the vehicle through a commercial car wash to save time, the plastic bristles will easily scratch and diminish the quality of the finish for a quick way to reduce the shine. Wash it yourself by hand with Blue Coral shampoo and rinse with a garden hose. Use a cotton or soft micro-fiber towel to hand dry the vehicle while drying and washing from the top to the bottom.

Use Clear Fingernail Polish

Both light and deep scratches are a common occurrence for any type of newly painted vehicle with frequent use, making it difficult to visit an auto body shop every time a new scratch appears. Simply use clear fingernail polish on the scratch to secure the surrounding paint and prevent it from flaking or spreading.

Rubbing compounds should be completely avoided unless used by a professional, which can easily remove the exterior paint.


Continue to wax your car on a consistent basis, about every three months, and do so after the car has been hand-washed and completely dried.

An average of four coats of wax should be applied to ensure full-coverage of the entire vehicle, preferably with Meguiar’s or a similar type of product. Apply the first coat in a left to right motion in small sections of the car, then move to up and down motions for the second coat. Finally, apply wax diagonally across the vehicle, which will guarantee that all sections are fully covered.

Gently scrub and remove the wax with microfiber towels, which will prevent scratching the paint or finish due to the soft and gentle material.

If you’re wanting to enhance the appearance of your vehicle in the Las Vegas valley, consult the auto body repair experts at New Look Collision Centers for professional services that will increase the car’s value and make it look more attractive.