automobile crash

How To Handle Parking Lot Accidents

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Parking lot accidents are extremely common. When this type if accident occurs, it is important to understand what to do in this situation. Below are a couple of tips that may be helpful should you find yourself in a parking lot accident.

automobile crash

Gather Witnesses

Having people who saw the accident will be a great way to avoid a dispute from the other party. It is essential to jot down the witnesses names and telephone numbers for future reference. This will make them easy to locate in time of need.

Insurance Information

During any accident, it is important to swap insurance information. The only way to file a claim is to know the other party’s information. If the other person will not comply, the police will need to be notified. If the accident was major, it may be best contact the police as well.

Record Evidence

It is always wise to take pictures of the accident and damages that occurred before any vehicles are moved. With today’s technology, most people own a cell phone that has a camera. Pictures will be solid evidence of what happened.

Fess Up

If the other person was not at fault, it is necessary to own up and take responsibility. There may be video surveillance in the parking lot that shows what happened. When a person does not take the blame, and leaves the scene, charges could be pressed for a hit-and-run. Even if the other person is not around, it is best to leave a note on the car’s windshield with contact information.

Fixing The Car

After the accident and everyone has gone their separate ways comes time for repairs to be done. It’s of the utmost importance to take your vehicle to a trusted collision auto shop. New Look Collision Center is a smart choice with trained, qualified experts. We use top quality parts, solid workmanship, works with your insurance company and never overcharge for repair work.

Sometimes, an insurance company will recommend an auto body shop. Some policies include collision repair costs, and other company’s work together with a certain repair shop. However most insurance carriers will allow you to get a couple of estimates. It’s always best to choose a shop that is completely certified. For individuals who live in the Scottsdale area and have been in an accident,  it’s a wise choice to contact New Look Collision Center… We’re certified and approved by most insurance companies.  Our experts are ready to help you!