how long will it take to fix my car after a collision?

How Long Will It Take an Auto Body Repair Shop to Fix My Car?

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how long will it take to fix my car after a collision?

If you’ve been in a collision you may be feeling frazzled. Like many of us, your schedule is dependent on the functionality of your vehicle, so you may be wondering “How long will it take to fix my car?” while it’s in the auto body repair shop. Unfortunately, there is no universal answer to this question, as the body damage of each car is different. Take the factors discussed below into account as you evaluate how long you’ll be without a vehicle and whether it’s necessary to rent one to tide you over in the meantime.

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How Long Will It Take to Fix My Car After a Collision?

The average auto body repair time will vary. When you drop off a car at a collision center, you can ask the technician for an auto body repair time estimate. Understanding how they came to this conclusion can give you an even better idea of what to expect. Here are three things to consider:

1. Severity of Damage

The main factor that will influence how long it takes the auto body repair shop to fix your car is the severity of the damage. How long it takes to fix a front bumper is far different from extensive frame damage. If you need minor repairs or a small custom job, the mechanic might be able to get the job done on the spot. On the other hand, if your vehicle has been totaled in a car accident, it could be weeks before you get your car back. This is especially true if the auto body repair shop you take your vehicle to promises to get it back to “factory condition.”

The type of repairs required is another factor that will have an impact. Some repairs are much easier to perform than others. For example, repairing auto paint problems is far easier than replacing the totaled doors of a vehicle.

2. Type of Vehicle

Another factor that you should keep in mind is the type of vehicle that needs repairs. Some types of vehicles will take less time to repair than others. In general, a domestic vehicle will take less time to repair than a foreign vehicle because it will be easier to get a hold of the parts necessary and most mechanics have more experience working on domestic vehicles. For example, a European car will often take more time to repair than a domestic car. However, some of the more popular foreign vehicles like a Toyota will actually take less time to repair.

Luxury vehicles often need special parts and special paints for repairs. Therefore, it usually takes longer to repair luxury vehicles. Also, it can be more expensive to repair a luxury vehicle.

3. Expertise of a Collision Center’s Staff

The final factor that will determine how long it will take an auto body repair shop to fix your car is the expertise of the collision center’s staff. If a technician is good at what they do, they will be able to get the job done much faster than a technician without much experience or expertise. Therefore, it is vital that you do your homework before choosing an auto body repair shop.

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