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A Hit and Run Driver Damaged My Car – What Should I Do?

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Bumper replacement Being the victim of a hit and run accident can be very upsetting. This is a situation where you are hit by another vehicle and the driver leaves the scene without talking to you or exchanging contact or insurance information. If your vehicle has been damaged by a hit and run driver, here’s a couple of things you should you do.

In theory, if an accident was the other driver’s fault, his or her insurance company should pay the cost of repairing your vehicle. With a hit and run, however, the offending driver is not always caught. If you are lucky, the police will catch the driver. On the other hand, in some cases reckless drivers are not insured at all. In this case you could have problems.

Maintain comprehensive insurance

It’s best to have a comprehensive insurance policy, or at least one that covers the possibility of getting hit by an uninsured driver. Some policies also cover hit and run accidents.

Report the Incident

You should report this type of incident to the police right away. In many cases, they will have been called buy an uninvolved witness. If possible, try to note the license plate of the other vehicle before it’s out of sight. This is valuable information to share with the police to make it easier to catch the other driver. Another thing you can do is scan the area for witnesses. If you are fortunate, someone will have seen the accident and can testify on your behalf later on.

Talk to Your Insurance Company

You will then have to file a report with your insurance company. Hopefully, they will be supportive and looking out for your best interest. This, of course, will depend what kind of coverage you have. This is another time when witness statements can be very useful. Whether your insurance company covers the damage or not, you surely don’t want them to blame you and raise your rates!

Get Your Car Repaired

No matter what the outcome, you will have to get your vehicle repaired. You should seek out a professional with experience in body work and collision repair. In the Las Vegas, Nevada area the best place to go for this is New Look Collision Center. They are a quality auto body and collision repair shop that can help get your vehicle back into its original condition, or better and get you back on the road quickly. Contact New Collision Collision Center today or get a free online auto body repair estimate for quick, reliable and affordable service.