Happy Holidays From New Look Collision Center

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The holidays have arrived, making it is a time to spread the cheer. The wonderful food will soon be in the oven while visiting friends and family will soon fill your hours of relaxation and enjoyment. While spreading the joy all around and moving from place to place, it is important to keep safety in mind. With the winter wonderland, snowball fights, and snowmen also comes dangerous conditions on the roads. It is important to protect your friends and family by keeping some precautions in mind as you pack everyone up to go out and enjoy holiday fun.

Always be sure that your tires are in good condition before driving on snow and ice. Good tread and the proper air pressure are critical for maintaining safety out on the road. You must also be sure to adjust your driving habits to the weather that surrounds you. Allow for additional braking distances, watch your speed, and be weary of black ice on the roadway. Avoiding a collision involves maintaining attention and mindfulness when behind the wheel.

This time of year also calls for taking care of your car as the ice and snow is persistently coming down in many parts of the country. The salt and other chemicals on the roadway can damage paint and engine parts over time.

In order to protect your car, you should wash the undercarriage and body when possible to rid the surface of salt and other debris. You should also raise your windshield wipers when the forecast calls for heavy snow. This practice keeps them from freezing to the windshield and ultimately doing damage to the blades. It also allows them to be more effective when it comes to providing visibility in snowy conditions. New Look Collision Centers Las Vegas wishes you and yours the very best this holiday season, hoping that a few of these tips will keep you safe and feeling merry.