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Hands-Free Car Technology for Safer Driving

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Hands-Free Technology In Your Car

Today’s cars are brimming with hands-free technology. Hands-free is now one of the most popular forms of automotive upgrades. It started with the hands-free phone, but nowadays most of the technology in automobiles can be controlled without the use of hands. That includes the audio system, personal navigation devices, temperature controls, and a variety of other types of in-car devices.

Bad Driving Habits


These days voice commands can be used to control much of the technology in newer cars. The key to much of it is Bluetooth technology. Originally designed for use with mobile phones and other types of communication devices, Bluetooth now forms the basis of hands-free technology that encourages safer driving habits.

Audio Cues

Most high-end automobiles have hands-free technology imbedded throughout. Usually there is a microphone inside the steering wheel that allows the driver to transmit commands that is relayed throughout the vehicle. There is built-in software that controls the car’s technology.

Use Bluetooth to Drive

This handsfree technology has made operating modern automobiles safer and easier than ever before. Plus in many parts of the world drivers can be ticketed if they are caught using anything but handsfree technology while driving. This is particularly true of using the phone while driving because it increases crash rates.

Some of the most common and popular hands-free connectivity options include:

Internet Enabled Navigation
Voice Activated Controls
Vehicle-To-Driver Communication
Voice Activated Phone Calls
Sending And Receiving Texts
Voice Activated Music Systems
Automated Emergency Calling
Voice Activated Entertainment Systems
Voice Activated Internet Connectivity
Voice Activated Roadside Assistance Calls

Luxurious Hands-Free Systems

There are hands-free systems like Cadillac‘s CUE system which allow drivers to use their tablets and PDAs, get weather reports, call for help, and connect to as many as 7 devices. Some of the systems even notify drivers of break-ins and other issues with their vehicles when the driver is away from their automobile via e-mail or SMS. MyFordTouch connectivity uses Ford Sync to read text messages aloud in their cars.

The General Motors IntelliLink system uses Natural Language Voice Recognition technology. It even allows parents control the volume of the radio, limit the speed of the car, mute the radio if the front seat belts aren’t fastened, and the system even issues a ‘report card’ showing the mileage, maximum speed, ABS events and more in their children’s automobile using the Teen Driver technology system.

Hands-free technology is one of the most common new types of innovations in modern automobiles. It can now control almost every automobile system for which driver formally used their hand to engage or adjust. This includes vehicle diagnostic capabilities.
Safe Handsfree Car Technology


NissanConnect’s display screen provides voice activated live traffic and weather reports, Facebook feeds, TripAdvisor, and much more. Toyota’s Entune connectivity system gives drivers access to Yelp, OpenTable,, Facebook Places, stock market data, sports scores, fuel prices and many other popular mobile apps using voice commands. And it’s not only available from largest companies. Kia with its UVO eServices Infotainment System offers many of the same capabilities.

Hands Free Systems in the Works

And there is much more to come. BMW AG is working on vehicles with handsfree acceleration, braking and lane changing technology drivers can use while traveling at 80 miles per hour. It’s part of their plan to improve their existing driver assistance package.

Many luxury brands already offer advanced driver assistance options which include lane maintenance, intelligent cruise control, and automatic braking technology.

Audi, Mercedes-Benz and many other automobile manufacturers are working on these and many others technologies as they move inexorably towards the next logical step. Hands-free driving. They say that new technology will further reduce accidents.

The new and ever evolving hands-free technology is designed to make driving safer, easier, and more convenient. Research shows 90% of drivers love their automobile’s new hands-free connectivity technology.

Wave of the Future Makes for Safer Driving


Soon the connectivity technology that now seems revolutionary will become commonplace as cars with these features begin to proliferate. Connectivity features have already shown they can help with accident avoidance when used in conjunction with safe driving practices. While nothing will make driving completely risk-free, connectivity and hands-free features that reduce distractions to the driver surely help.

So while the world waits breathlessly for hands-free driving technology to be refined by the automobile manufacturers, drivers will continue to embrace and be thankful for hands-free connectivity technology.