car with faded paint from sun damage

The Short Guide on Protecting Your Car From Sun Damage

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car with faded paint from sun damage

There are many dangers on the road that threaten to harm you, your passengers, and the vehicle carrying you to your destination. Of all the hazards on the road, there’s one that you’ll see coming every day without realizing the harm it can cause your car: sunlight. Photons from the sun have traveled across the vast distance of space to illuminate our world and cause damage over time to your car’s exterior and interior. The good news is that you don’t have to quietly accept crackling paint or ripples in your dashboard if you take a few preventative measures.

Wash, Dry, and Wax Your Car Frequently

The typical way that sunlight causes noticeable vehicle damage is by bombarding the exterior with radiation that causes the paint to crack, dry, and peel over time, even in typically overcast areas.

A combination of heat and grime causes paint to rot away more quickly, so keeping the exterior clean with frequent baths is the place to start preventing sun damage. Once you’ve finished the initial scrub, take a soft rag or cloth and gently dry off the surface. There are small particulates that persist unless you wash your car with pure, diluted water. The final, and perhaps most important, step is to cover the exterior completely in layers of polishing wax that seal the paint inside and protect it from receiving the brunt of the sun’s assault.

Protecting the Interior Is Just As Vital

Despite their importance, windows unfortunately let sunlight slip into the interior of your vehicle and cause damage to the upholstery within it. While heat does play a role in how quickly a paint job begins to fade, it has a more pronounced impact on the interior where the energy is trapped inside the glass until the car becomes a veritable oven.

Temporary shades in the largest windows can take the bite out of the light when they are consistently used while the car is parked, although they are a slight inconvenience to put up and take down. More permanent shades on non-essential windows may help, but take care not to obstruct the view of the driver. You’ll also want to proactively wash and treat the interior surfaces with the appropriate substances. Wiping down your leather and coating it in a protective cream or spray can greatly extend its lifespan, for instance.

When Sun Damage Prevention Fails

For some cars, scrubbing and sunscreen will do nothing to remove years of slow and steady damage that has had time to spread. Even when you diligently take steps to protect your ride’s beauty, your vehicle will eventually need its paint and interior finishing repaired or replaced, especially if you happen to live in a fiery city such as Las Vegas. If your car’s exterior or interior has suffered sun damage, the only way to get your car looking as fresh as the day it came off the line is to visit a professional full-body repair and restoration service. Here at New Look Collision, we’re ready to take care of your car as if it were our own.