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Ford is an iconic American brand that is based in Dearborn, Michigan. It was founded on June 16, 1903 by Henry Ford. This automobile company sells just about everything on wheels from commercial vehicles and automobiles under the Ford brand. It also sells luxury cars under its subsidiary Lincoln. It own small stakes in Aston Martin of Great Britain and Mazda of Japan. Ford has also produced tractors, automotive components and heavy trucks. You can’t drive more a few yards here in Scottsdale without driving next to a Ford. Because we repair auto body work on hundreds of vehicles a month, there isn’t a day that goes by that our Scottsdale Collision Repair Center isn't working on a Ford.

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During its early years, Ford only produced a few cars. However, it led the globe within a decade with the refinement and expansion of the assembly line idea. Did you know in 1908, they introduced the first engine that had a removable cylinder head? They also produced the Model A in 1930. This car was the first automobile with safety glass on its windshield. It also launched the first budget friendly price V8 engine powered vehicle in 1932. If you visit and car shows that occur here in Scottsdale, you know its a real treat to see one these vehicles.

In 1956, the company offered the Safety Legacy package. This package included innovation such as an optional padded dash and rear seat belts. In 1964, it introduced the Ford Mustang that went on to be one of the leading sports cars in America. During the 1980s, the company introduced a number of highly successful vehicles. Between 1990 to 1994, it also acquired the British carmakers Aston Martin and Jaguar. At the same time, Ford continued its strong sales due to the booming American economy.

Around the turn of the century, the company experienced diminish profits. This was due to higher fuel prices, legacy healthcare costs and a weakening U.S. economy. This ultimately led to declining sales and falling market shares. By 2005, both GM and Ford corporate bonds reached junk status. With this, the executive committee conceives a plan to enable the company to return to profitability. This involve dropping some inefficient and unprofitable models, consolidating market lines and resizing the company.

Ford also moved to launch a new range of automobile. This range was called the crossover SUV. Due to these measures, Ford was able to erase a total of $9.9 billion in liabilities. With this, the company’s corporate bonds were upgraded from junk status to investment grade.

Today, Ford manufactures a wide range of vehicles with different designs. This includes trucks, hybrids and crossovers. There are several types of vehicles that Ford specializes in.


• Ford Fiesta

• Ford Focus

• Ford Fusion

• Ford Mustang

• Ford Taurus

SUVs and Crossovers

• Ford Escape

• Ford Explorer

• Ford Edge

• Ford Flex

EVs and Hybrids

• Ford Fusion Hybrid SE

• Ford C-MAX Hybrid SEL

• Ford C-MAX Energi

• Ford Fusion Energi SE

• Ford Focus Electric


• Ford Transit Connect

• Ford F-150

• Ford E-Series Wagon

• Ford Super Duty

Commercial Vehicles

• Ford Transit Connect

• Ford F-650

• Ford E-Series Van

• Ford E Series Cutaway

• Ford F-750

Ford is synonymous worldwide for the development of low cost, light, mass-produced, high quality automobiles. At the same time, the company is famous for developing new forms of car assembly. New Look Collision often looks to Ford for inspiration in innovation. Our collision centers are completely state of the art, clean innovative. In order for any collision center in Scottsdale or anywhere else to be able to bring a wrecked car back to original factory specifications, that auto body repair facility must continuously invest in the best equipment and Scottsdale auto body technicians.

Today, Ford is also famous for its environmental initiatives. This involves manufacturing vehicles that are powered by compressed natural gas, electricity and hydrogen. Ford is also represented well in the world of motor sports. Along with Chevrolet and Shelby, Ford is one of the three American car companies that have won titles in the FIA World Championships.

New Look collision center is very adept at fixing all types of damage due to accidents and collisions. Our shop provides computerized alignment, frame measurement, computerized paint mixing and I-spot spot welding. New Look Collision also has I-Car certified technicians. These technicians are highly trained in fixing collision damage to any part of the vehicle. At the same time, they work with the company’s auto technicians to ensure that the electrical, mechanical and passive restraint systems are repaired properly to occupant safety.

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