Faulty Air bags cause accidents

Faulty Airbags Cause Collisions

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Faulty Air Bags

Faulty Air bags cause accidentsJapanese car supplier, Takata, recalled millions of vehicles with defective, inflator parts that, in the event of a crash, could deploy the air bag and shoot metal fragments into the vehicle’s occupants.  The recall was originally announced in June 2013 and applied to only six makers, but in recent months, many more automakers have recalled their vehicles.
A Toyota recall in June of this year caused other automakers to issue similar recalls. Additionally, Takata admitted that they are unsure what caused the defective inflators and which of their vehicles are affected, resulting in an even greater pool of vehicles recalled.


According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, a total of about 34 million vehicles have been recalled so far.
Allegedly, Takata has known about the defective inflators since 2004. At least 139 injuries have been reported due to faulty air bags across all automakers, and some U.S. Senators have requested a criminal investigation.With panic spreading among consumers, it’s important to know the dangers of faulty air bags and how this situation can affect you. Air bags are an extremely important safety feature in automobiles. The U.S. Department of Transportation states that between 1987 and 2008, air bags saved 25,000 lives.

In a crash, air bags must deploy instantly to properly work. This happens with the use of a propellant. However, in the faulty inflators, the propellant deteriorates in some conditions. If the airbag’s metal housing ruptures, metal fragments can be deployed into the inside of the car, causing injury or death. Cars in warm and humid areas seem to be the most affected. Areas like Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, and the U.S. island territories are of the highest priority for automakers.

Take Caution with your Car

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Recalls Spotlight website lists the recalled vehicles. Not all recalled vehicles have been listed yet, so car owners should check the site regularly.One of the major issues facing Takata now is a shortage of new air bags. At their current rate of producing 450,000 new air bags a month, it could take several years to replace the air bags in every recalled vehicle.

If your vehicle is recalled, it is extremely important to schedule a repair with a dealer. If the dealer is out of parts, request to be put on a waiting list. Although the likelihood of you being injured by the faulty air bag is low, it is always better to be safe than sorry, and repairing the recalled vehicle is necessary for your safety.