Sun Damage on Car Paint

A Sun Bleached Car Ain’t So Stylish

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Faded Auto PaintSun-Damaged, Faded Car Paint a Constant Pain in Vegas

The sun shines approximately 300 days a year in Scottsdale, AZ. Constant exposure like that can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s paint job, causing oxidation and colors to fade. Over time, the sun’s ultra violet rays reduce the gloss of your vehicle’s finish; especially on the trunk, roof, and hood.  Direct sunlight basically burns the paint off your roof; while your car’s engine stresses the hood’s paint from its heat underneath.

Unlike traditional, single-stage paint on older cars, newer cars have a clear coat over its auto body paint; once that top coat is damaged by UV rays, the only solution is a new paint job.  Color fading is more common in places like Scottsdale, AZ where the sun perpetually shines and temperatures are warm year-round. The sun’s heat absorbs into the metal bodywork of your car causing stain. We recommend the following, simple tasks to undo or protect your car’s paint from damage caused by the desert sun.

Dry it, Wax it

Though it’s tempting to let your car “air-dry” after a car wash, it is best to dry your car with a chamois or cotton rag. Air-drying your car allows water to evaporate off the paint’s surface, leaving behind minerals that actually disintegrate the auto body paint.

Next, wax your car. Waxing is the most effective way to keep your car’s exterior looking brand new. Wax  protects your car’s auto body paint from the sun’s ultraviolet rays and prevents dirt and grime from sticking to it.  Despite the desert heat and powerful sun, your vehicle will sparkle with a simple wash, dry and wax.

Paint Protection

You can invest in auto paint protection film kits and do it yourself or take your car to an auto body shop.   Quick tip: Light colored vehicles do not absorb as much heat. So, if you are in the market for a new ride, go with white, grey, or silver. Last but certainly not least, use covered parking whenever possible.  Park under shaded areas.  Reducing exposure to sunlight and its heat also reduces damage to your car’s paint.

Living in the desert heat can be rough your vehicle, and it’s exterior is it’s most exposed car part. Your vehicle needs protection too.    If your car looks like this, upload a picture of it in our Free Online Estimator for a quick quote an new auto body paint. Sun Damage on Car Paint