Angry Driver

Ease Your Road Rage

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Angry DriverIt’s natural to get a little peeved when you are on the road. Someone passes you on the wrong side, or cuts you off can irritate you.

However, ramping up the road rage is a good way to be careless about the rules of the road.

How do you calm your road rage down?

Leave a Little Early

One of the big contributors of road rage is running late. No one likes being late for things, and if you took the care to leave on time, you may find yourself getting increasingly frustrated that you are going to be late anyway. Prevent this by leaving early. That way, you are going to be less stressed about being late!

Ease Off on Stimulants

If you are having some issues with road rage, take a look at the drinks in your cup holder. Coffee and caffeinated sodas wake you up, but they can also rev your nerves causing you to feel more edgy. Make sure that you are just getting caffeine when you need it, not just when you want it, and stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

Remember It Has Nothing to Do With You

When you are on the road and someone and cuts you off, it can be easy to think that they are picking on you. Instead, think of all of the other reasons that might have happened. Maybe the other person is in a rush, maybe they have a family emergency, maybe they are simply selfish or maybe they honestly did not see you. Be generous, forgive them, and move on. It really is just that simple.

Do Something

One thing that can push rage buttons like nothing else is a reckless driver. It’s a little ironic that road rage can also make you reckless, but that is why you need to take steps to really act. Since road rage can spring from feeling helpless, do something about it instead. Some states have reckless driving hotlines to report reckless drivers.  Unfortunately there is no dedicated hotline in Nevada like there is in Florida or New Jersey to report unsafe drivers.

Still, you can make note of their license plates and call Metro’s non-emergency police line.  In some cases, you may need to call highway patrol. In either case, this is something that you can do to get a reckless driver off the road and to make yourself feel better.   The Nevada State Department of Public Service insists if you see something to say something.  Reckless driving is a crime in Nevada resulting in fines from $250 to $2,000!

Get Help

If you are worried that your road rage is making you dangerous to be around or making you unsafe, you need to get help. Contact a counselor or a support group that deals with this specific issue, and talk out this issue.

New Look Collision Centers proudly encourages Las Vegas and Henderson customers and residents at large to uphold safe driving practices and honor the rules of the road.   If your car has been hit by a reckless driver, we can help repair your vehicle to its original appearance.   Call us at 702-269-1650.