Did You Get Into A Car Accident In Las Vegas? Don’t Call The Police Because They’re Not Coming.

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Las Vegas police recently changed their policy regarding minor car accidents. Under the new policy, the police will no longer send an officer to the scene of a minor car accident.

Because of this change, you need to know what to do if you are in a minor accident in Las Vegas.

The first thing you should do after your minor accident is exchange information with the other driver. This includes phone numbers, addresses and insurance information. Ask to see the other driver’s license and registration to copy down the info. That way, you can ensure the person has a valid license and that you get truthful and accurate information. If the driver and owner of the car aren’t the same person, be sure to ask what the relationship is.

You can download the Las Vegas DMV’s Accident Report Form and Driver Information Exchange Sheets here for your convenience.

You also need to take notes about the accident as quickly as possible. This includes what you remember about what you were doing and who seems to have been at fault. If there were witnesses, be sure to get their information, including phone numbers. Note specific damage to both vehicles and take pictures of both your own vehicle and the other driver’s to document damage or lack thereof. Also take photos of the overall surrounding area where the cars ended up after the accident. If any damage was done to property other than the automobiles involved, make sure to document that as well.

If there were any weather or other conditions that may have caused or contributed to the accident, such as rain, pedestrians or an animal in the road, note that as well.

If there was obvious fault involved, such as the other driver running a red light, you should call the police and make a report. Even if an officer won’t come out, it could make a difference later in determining fault. You should also call police if the other driver won’t exchange information with your or drives off without doing so.

Even if you think you were at fault in the accident, you shouldn’t tell the other driver or any witnesses that. The insurance companies will sort out fault after the fact by reviewing the information from both drivers.

You should call your insurance agent as soon as possible after the accident and give him or her whatever information is necessary.

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