hit and run accident

What can happen if you don’t repair a damaged bumper

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hit and run accident

Accidents occur every day in Scottsdale. Often, the damage is not major, and the driver will decide against getting repairs. This decision can be based on many factors, including time and money. However, in the case of damage to a bumper, not having the repairs completed immediately can be a big mistake. This decision can cause more trouble and cost more money in the long run.

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Bumpers are manufactured to avoid or decrease damage to the front and rear of the vehicle. Even minor damage that looks superficial may have compromised the reliability of the bumper. Underneath the bumper there are absorbers that absorb the impact of a collision. Bumpers also have reinforcement bars, also known as bumper bars that help protect the bumper and car from severe damage. If either of these are compromised in an accident… another accident to the same area may cause more extensive than there would have been if the bumper had been fixed in the first place. This increase in damage will cause a significant increase in repair costs.

Because bumpers were designed to protect the passengers, a defective bumper causes risk to the safety of the passengers. A defective bumper that cannot absorb the impact of the crash is extremely dangerous because it can push the impact onto the passengers in the vehicle.

Another risk factor to not getting a bumper properly repaired is the insurance company. No one likes to file a claim with an insurance adjuster and have him come out for an inspection. However, if there is previous damage to a bumper, and they find it during their inspection, they may determine that the prior damage caused the current damage and decline the claim. In this case, all costs of repair will be out-of-pocket.

For these reasons and many more, it is extremely important to get damaged bumpers repaired immediately. It not solely a cosmetic issue… it’s also for safety sake.  It’s just not worth taking the physical or financial risk.

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